The Pros and Cons of Betting on Esports

Esports has become more recognized and respected in the past ten years. From gaming in the comfort of their home, players with exceptional skills are now able to prove themselves internationally. More competitive multiplayer games are now hosting tournaments and championships, setting the stage for young talent around the globe to win prize money.

As with any sport, however, a betting community follows quickly after. Avid fans of certain games such as League of Legends and CS:GO place bets on match winners. Of course, there are other types of bets which they can participate in, such as accumulation bets and live betting. However, betting on esports has its good and bad aspects, which we’ll elaborate on below.

Pro: It’s safe

Of course, there are scammer sites, the same as any other corner of the Internet. However, many reviewers faithfully review websites, usually with strict criteria, to ensure the safety and legality of the sites. Reading these reviews can help you make a wiser choice about the app you’ll be using. You can read reviews here on and hopefully be more prepared to choose a betting app that suits your needs.

Con: It’s not for everyone

Esports betting is not for everyone. To be able to make good bets and profit, you must have a general knowledge of the game. It’s also preferable to know a lot about the players, the kinds of bets you’ll be making, and how the deposit system works. Luckily, there are lots of beginner-friendly websites that explain how it all works and give tips to beginner bettors.

Pro: It’s fun

Many avid bettors and esports fans, in general, watch the matches for the thrill of it. Teams making miraculous comebacks after all hope seems lost, overcoming the odds, making insane plays. This is all a part of regular esports matches, but when you bet on the underdogs it makes it that much more exciting and fun when it seems like they’ll get a win.

Con: It’s not legal everywhere

Most countries have policies on online gambling, but this isn’t always the case. In some countries, esports betting (and betting in general) is illegal. It’s important to check your country’s policies on the matter before making an account and starting your betting journey.

Pro: It’s constantly changing

The market for video games is constantly changing, even with esports out of the picture. Constant changes in the game will surely lead to constant changes in the matches, allowing for different teams to win. The release of new games allows bettors to focus on different areas, keeping the whole market refreshing and entertaining for longer.

Con: You can’t win them all

If you’re going into esports betting with a mindset of only winning, you’re probably going to lose more than you think. Knowing the risks and expecting to lose will help you make better decisions during betting. However, even with all this preparation, you can still lose. When that happens, it’s important to stay in your comfort zone and not get discouraged.

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