The Secrets of Good Text for Social Media

The main task of every blogger is to attract a wide audience to their account. This can be achieved through regular content posting, flamboyant profile designs, and more. However, one of the main factors in increasing your audience is a well-written text. This seems like the easiest task, but it’s much more complicated.

Not every person can write an interesting and laconic text that will catch people. Therefore, many people still have to buy Instagram followers to improve their statistics. In this article, we’ll show you how to write a “delicious” post to engage your audience.


Keep track of everything that happens in the world. As much as you hate to take, God forgive me, digital detox, you should be aware of all the glued bananas, red carpets and rebellious royal families. It will come in handy.

Two things that can save text on social media are a good joke and a good reference. With the first, everything is complicated, but with the second it is nowhere easier, see the paragraph above.

If your content matches the current news agenda, then you don’t have to buy real Instagram followers. Users will be interested in following your account.


Do not be nervous. Emotional instability is what many commercial accounts sin with. Therefore, fewer emoji and no caps. Calm down, everyone has stress without you.

Of course, if we are talking about content for children, then this is a completely different situation. Children love to look at something bright, so it’s worth making bright posts with a lot of emoji. However, in other cases, excessive emotionality only hinders and repels people.


Get rid of verbal junk. It’s not easy — at school we were taught it, so now it can be very painful. But there is too little time on social media to waste — more facts, less embellishments, clichés and pleonasms.


Instead of putting emoji on your selfie, start writing texts on your personal page. Analyze, try new things, read more fiction rather than business literature, start a blog eventually. It’s not a shame, it’s a shame to sit on my mother’s neck and not know where to put a dash and where to put a hyphen.

We’ve put together a step-by-step checklist for you to help you write compelling copy:

  • Define the main point of the post;
  • Lead it throughout the text and do not spray;
  • Divide into paragraphs – it is easier to perceive information in blocks;
  • Remove words that do not carry a semantic load — save your reader’s time;
  • Remove words-amplifiers, template constructions, words-parasites;
  • Check for literacy and typos;
  • Use a call to action.


Writing texts is a work that takes effort. However, you can study checklists and tips and become a true pro at this business. Those who go to their goal always succeed.

We hope this article has taught you what to consider when writing text for your website or social media blog. In order not to miss interesting articles, read us every day!

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