The Six Most Notable Changes in How We Game Online

Online gaming has become the fastest-growing pastime in the world, and there are more people who play online games and sports than those who do actual physical activity. It is a trend set to continue, and this article will elaborate on the main changes that we have seen and will see in the near future in relation to online gaming and entertainment.

1. Gaming now mainly takes place on mobile

Gaming and gambling are now predominantly happening on smart mobile devices. The research shows that over 60% of all gaming happens on mobile. And this component of online gaming is estimated to be worth $136 Billion, with 1.1 billion games downloaded on a weekly basis.

2. Increased and improved VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality has simply been getting better and better over the years, and at the moment, these are the two biggest ongoing changes in online gaming. Creating a simulated gaming environment using 3D with the idea being too stimulating as many senses as possible. From casino games to first-person shooter games and more, having a virtual playing space or going into the actual casino to play is the way that mobile games are going.

3. More free games/no-pay games

Gamers and players now make a concerted effort to look for free games as a way to test and use the specific site that you intend to play at. This is a growing trend that the game developers and online casino platforms and providers have noted, and there are a large number of games moving to a free-to-play basis, making money instead from in-game purchases and game boosters.

4. More online casino games than ever before

There are more games in all the casino genres that there are than there have ever been before. This means that there is a game online for everyone. Poker, card games, table games, slots, Slingo, baccarat, and then the country-specific casino games that you can play like if you want to play casino online in Australia, you can do that. Add the live casino games to this, and it’s clear why the actual brick-and-mortar casinos are in decline.

5. Gaming is a social pastime

Online games have become one of the most social pastimes of our time. You may very well be in your room on your own, but with the latest tech, you could be interacting and gaming with friends from around the globe. It is additionally the social forums, online chat groups, social media platforms, and entire tribes that are set up and exist alongside the games that makes for some intense social interaction with other like-minded gamers and players.

6. Continuous improvement of gaming tech

It is not only VR and AR that are changing our online gaming, but these are also sector-wide ongoing advancements in aspects such as voice control, increased portability, cross-platform gaming, and more. These are all changes that will change how you game in the future, a future that may very well already be here.

These are, but 6 of the most current changes taking place in the world of online gaming and that are expected to drive further growth and expansion in the sector.

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