The Sports Apps You Need To Stay Occupied Over Christmas

The Christmas period can often be a rather boring period, with lots of travel and very few things to do aside from sit at home and watch old movies. Of course, there’s tons of sporting events over the festive few weeks, but they are also difficult to get to, especially in the current climate. So how does the sports fan keep themselves occupied?

Of course, nothing quite beats a kick-around in your local park, but there are just as many thrills in playing on sports apps.

What’s more, you can take playing sports online with your friends to the next level, creating leagues and tournaments, in which you can even create prizes for. It’s the ideal way to create a bit of competitive spirit during lockdown, and you can really make an evening of it while pubs, bars and restaurants are closed.

It’s easier than ever with smartphones and there are dozens of fantastic apps to entertain you in all manner of different ways.

Below you’ll find our top five apps to keep you busy as we head into the new year…

Football Manager

For any gamers into football, there’s no better place to start than with Football Manager. It’s become a legendary game on PC and has transitioned into mobile gaming seamlessly. The new edition has been launched on mobile, giving you the opportunity to take over your favourite club and guide them to glory.

You take the lead in selecting the team, making the transfers and developing tactics and training regimes to get your side in peak condition to take on the world, or Barnsley away depending on who you select to play as!

Every year millions of players become addicted to the game, so why not make it a Christmas where you become the world’s best manage too?

Sports Betting Apps

Of course, you can always stick to real life gameplay too, and across the Christmas period there’s always tons of special events to enjoy, from Boxing Day football to the likes of NFL, horse racing and more.

It’s one of the best times of year to be placing your bets not only due to the volume of sport, but the fantastic offers given to you by brands like bet365 who is one of the best UK bookmakers according to WhichBookie.

Offers include 100% match bonuses for new players and no deposit free bets. The beauty of the latter is that it gives you the chance to place a single bet up to that value for free, meaning there’s absolutely no risk in your betting, and you might win a tidy profit. What better present is there than that?

You can download dozens of apps from respectable bookmakers to your device, where you will also be able to live stream a number of events, meaning you can place bets as you watch.

ESPN/Sports News Apps

Christmas is family time and that can often lead to being out of the loop when it comes to the latest sports news, as we have less chance to watch the news and in general follow the things we love.

That’s why apps such as ESPN or Bleacher Report are ideal for downloading to your device, giving you the latest news in just the tap of an app. You can personalize your settings to see the topics you wish and get breaking news notifications so you never miss a beat.

Streaming Service App

No matter where you are in the world, there will be an app available for you to download to watch the latest football or the sport you love. You may need a subscription depending on the sport and channel, but if you have that you’ll be able to watch your team whether sat at home, at a family members or even on a train between the two.

Streaming apps are hugely popular with sports fans these days and you really don’t want to miss out on what’s available to you over this festive period, where it’s easier to watch live sport than ever before.

Fantasy Football App

Most fantasy sports sites will have their own app these days too, so if you’re used to changing your team ahead of the weekend at work, download the app so you can tinker with your squads on-the-go.

They’re much easier to use than loading up and logging in to a website and the last thing you want to go is start dropping points because you’ve been unable to check your team for over a week. If you’re serious about your fantasy management, then these apps should be the first you download!

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