The Ten Best Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now

According to the latest studies, there are more phones than people in the world. This should not come off as a surprise because there are individuals who own even five mobile phones. In this day and era, mobile phones have proven to be the must-have devices that everyone should have. It has made lives more accessible since it encompasses everything that you need. You can also play games on your phone with the best ark server hosting, so why shouldn’t you get one?

If you are looking for your next gadget, then you are in the right place. Here is a look at some of the ten smartphones that you should buy.

#1. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The Galaxy S10 is the latest version of the Samsung Series. It is arguably the best phone in the world today. It includes some improvements from the S10 Plus they add a 6.7′ screen display, 4500mAH capacity battery, 3depth camera and 5G network support.

#2. Apple iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max is the latest flagship phone from Apple. It is also the most expensive phone. The XS Max is priced at $1099 for storage of 64GB and $1499 for storage of 512GB. It has a new software camera, good size battery and it is pocket-friendly.

#3. Samsung S10 Plus.

When you compare the S10 to the S9, Samsung made some few improvements. This includes a larger battery capacity, two new cameras and more RAM.

#4. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you are looking for a business phone, Note 9 is what you need.  It has more RAM, 4000mAh capacity battery and a Bluetooth S Pen.

#5. OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus is a high capacity phone which has been challenging Samsung and Apple’s flagship phones. It was launched a few weeks ago and, t is a high-performance phone at a meagre price. The prices range from $669 to $769.

#6. Google Pixel 3XL

The new Google Pixel 3 and XL are the best Android phones in the market. They have the same high performance and only differ in size and storage capacity. They support wireless charging.

#7. Google Pixel 3AL

670 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor powers this phone. It has two cameras(12 mp rear camera and 8mp front camera.) It also has 64 GB storage space, 4GB of RAM, 3000mAh battery capacity and stereo speakers.

#8. Samsung’s Galaxy S10E

The S10E is similar to the S10, although there are a few differences. For instance, the S10E has two rear cameras instead of the three that are found in the S10. Also, S10E has a fingerprint sensor on the right Edge rather than below the display. It is also much cheaper than the S10 ($760.)

#9. Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR has a 6.0-inch screen inch display, an LED screen and one rear camera. However, it has the same Apple A12 Bionic processor and software. Also, it has the same Apple screen unlock features.

#10. LG V40 THINQ

LG is set to release the first phone with five rear cameras. The LG V40 THINQ has the same features as the Galaxy Note 9. It has a 3,300mAh battery, IP68 rating, three rear cameras, and two front cameras.

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