The Top 10 Android Apps To Download In 2022

If you’ve just got yourself a new Android phone, congratulations: you have what we consider to be the superior operating system. Sure, Apple’s iOS has its charms, but as far as we’re concerned, Google’s more open operating system beats iOS hands down. With that said, if you don’t download the right apps onto your phone, then you’re arguably not letting it reach its full potential. Whether it’s social media, financial management, or gaming, there’s lots your new phone (or old phone!) can do. Here are the top 10 Android apps to download in 2022.

The Top 10 Android Apps To Download In 2022

1. TikTok

If you only download one social media platform on your phone, make it this one. TikTok is far and away the most popular social app right now; millions upon millions of users are signing up and making video content, so whether you’re an enthusiast, a brand, or just someone who likes watching fun videos, TikTok is essential. It’s come under some criticism for the quality of its content or the attitude of its moderators, but these are momentary issues, and TikTok is poised to dominate the world.

2. Emma

Whether you’re a budgeting neophyte or a financial management pro, Emma has plenty of functions you can use. It’s an all-in-one budget management and financial planning tool. Emma can help you to look after expenses; you can manage the repayment of your payday loans, set up spending reports, and even ask the app to tell you about subscriptions you’re no longer using. You will need to provide Emma with some basic info about you, but after that, you’ll be amazed how useful it is.

3. Waze

Forget about Google Maps: Waze is where it’s at. This GPS-based app shows you lots of relevant alerts on your commute, including traffic conditions, accidents, and diversions, as well as plenty more real-time information. It features a built-in speedometer so you can keep an eye on your speed, as well as a feature that lets you find nearby petrol stations and top up quickly. Google Maps may be the map app of choice for many, but we prefer Waze hands down.

4. Google Drive

The chances are that you’ve already got Google Drive installed on your phone, but on the off-chance you haven’t, this really is the best cloud storage solution available on Android. You’d expect as much given that Google owns the operating system, but Drive is a dream to use on Android devices; it’s clean, smooth, and fast, and you’ll find lots of features for sharing content with others, editing it on the fly, and integrating Drive with the Google suite of office software.

5. SwiftKey

If you prefer simplicity in your keyboard app, then you might want to plump for Google’s Gboard, which is the most straightforward and easy-to-use keyboard option on the Play Store. However, if what you want is deep customisation and lots of options, then Microsoft’s SwiftKey is for you. Whatever phone you’re using, the chances are your default keyboard app is a little lacking, but SwiftKey will fix that. It features gesture typing, smart word memory, and plenty more.

6. Nova Launcher

Just like the default keyboard app, the default home launcher for most Android phones can be a little light on features. That’s where Nova Launcher comes in. However you want to customise your phone’s home screen, you’ll find a way to do it on Nova Launcher, which allows you to resize widgets, have more than four apps in your quick access tray, and lots more. There are also a whole bunch of themes and appearance modifiers for the app.

7. Solid Explorer

Unfortunately, the default file browsing interface for most smartphones is awful. It does a terrible job of showing you a simple view of your files, and often won’t even let you into certain folders to delete files. Solid Explorer dodges these complaints, providing a beautiful, intuitive, and easy way to access all of the files on your device. Using Solid Explorer, you’ll finally be able to find that file you downloaded and accidentally squirreled away in some forgotten corner of your device.

8. Microsoft To Do

After Windows Phone folded, Microsoft brought some of its best features to the Android ecosystem. This includes its excellent To Do app, which came about as a result of the tech company buying up Wunderlist. If you need a To Do list app in your life, Microsoft To Do should suffice; it’s a clean, intuitive app that simply presents the tasks you need to do with no fuss or bother. There are a few other features available, but this is an app that effectively foregrounds its core functionality.

9. Pocket Casts

If the podcast revolution has passed you by, then Pocket Casts is a great way to get yourself acquainted with this wonderfully comforting medium. You can think of podcasts as on-demand radio, and Pocket Casts has one of the most beautiful interfaces for downloading and listening to podcasts that we’ve ever seen. It’s a gorgeous app, and while it has its payment quirks, it’s the best way to build a collection of podcasts on Android right now.

10. AccuWeather

Sometimes, AccuWeather can be scarily accurate as a weather app. It’s incredible at forecasting exactly when a certain weather condition is about to start; if it’s going to rain, AccuWeather will let you know, often to the minute, when it’s going to happen. The app also has predictions for the coming days and weeks, as well as plenty of other features like home screen widgets. If you like to keep an eye on the weather, AccuWeather is the only app you’ll need.

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