The Top 4 Solar Companies in Indiana

Between rising energy costs and the solar panel incentives, over 700,000 homeowners in the United States installed a solar energy system in 2022. It’s one of the best ways to harness renewable energy for residential use. Your solar panel installation will help you eliminate your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Investing in green energy is straightforward, but choosing the best solar companies in Indiana requires patience and research. Finding the best option for installing solar panels provides better value and an extensive warranty program.

Fortunately, you’ve come to this beneficial guide on the top four solar service providers in Indiana to consider and contact for a quote. Continue reading to enjoy the advantages of solar energy today!

1. Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar is one of the top options in Indiana due to its sterling reputation. It’s a solar service provider known for customer support and offering accessible financing options for homeowners interested in switching to solar energy.

The BluePower Plus+ provides homeowners with affordable loan terms and low interest rates. Most customers don’t need to make payments on the solar system for the first 18 months of ownership. It’s a significant change from other providers who set you up with a third-party lender.

It’s also a top brand due to Indiana’s electricity cost. Electric costs are above average compared to other states in the US. You can avoid paying steep prices when you build a solar home.

If peace of mind is a priority, you’ll love the standard warranty from Blue Raven for your Fort Wayne solar power solutions. The 25-year warranty covers equipment, installation, and panel efficiency to help you get the most value for your money. Efficiency is the most critical component due to the low-sun seasons in Indiana.

The primary drawback of choosing Blue Raven for your solar energy needs is the lack of add-ons. Other Indiana solar companies offer EV plug-ins and solar batteries for extra energy storage. Blue Raven plans to provide these bonus products in the future.

2. YellowLite

YellowLite is a regional brand based in Ohio, and it is best known for its customer service to Indiana residents. They maintain several offices in Indiana, making them a convenient option for assistance and maintenance. Each office is individually owned and operated, boosting efficiency and customer service.

It’s an excellent option due to the high-end solar panels and products offered to customers. The efficient system will help you limit or eliminate your electric bills. You’re more likely to collect the energy you want with efficient, high-end solar panel brands.

These panels are equipped to collect ample power from low-sunlight areas in the state. The primary drawback to choosing YellowLite for your solar needs is the short warranty compared to other solar companies in Indiana. The ideal length of warranty coverage is 25 years, though YellowLite clocks in at 10.

The customer service, quality of products, and installation make YellowLite an option worth considering. Contact them for a quote to determine how much your system will cost. The main drawbacks of the brand are the lack of leases and PPAs and the short warranty coverage.

3. GRNE Solar

GRNE Solar is another regional brand to consider if you’d like to support small local businesses instead of nationwide corporations for your household’s needs. The company is based in Illinois and has been in the solar panel industry since 2012, providing a long and impressive track record.

The brand has the experience to account for weather conditions in Indiana and the knowledge to size your solar panel installation to meet your power needs. The warranty coverage makes GRNE an impressive option. The standard warranty coverage extends to 25 years, providing multiple decades of peace of mind.

You can count on the warranty to keep your panels safe during extreme weather in Indiana. The labor warranty is less impressive, ending after ten years. Luckily, GRNE carries the top solar brands for panels and inverters. Expect to pay around $25,000 after using the solar tax credit.

Consider GRNE if you want local expertise. The customer service reps and technicians know local rules, regulations, and incentives for solar. They provide comprehensive solar service and excellent customer support. The only negative is the lack of solar panel brands offered.

4. Icon Solar

Icon Solar is an excellent solar company in Indiana because it services all parts of the state, ensuring residents have access to green energy. It partners with local utility companies to make installing solar panels more affordable.

The lower price is critical for Indiana residents, as the average solar panel installation with a battery costs nearly $55,000. You can count on the service from Icon Solar due to its membership in the Green Umbrella Regional Sustainability Alliance. It’s a clear commitment to green energy and a lower carbon footprint in Indiana.

It’s a partnership that sets Icon Solar apart from newer brands entering the solar industry in Indiana. The company is committed to helping the environment and generating profits as a secondary goal.

The warranty coverage is beneficial, with a five-year warranty on roof leaks due to solar installation. Most large corporations do not offer this type of homeowner protection with their services. Repairing the roof leak costs over $1,000, so the warranty will save you money during your first five years.

The solar panel options are limited, but Icon Solar uses top brands and equipment. Your home will have an efficient solar energy system. The excellent warranty and impressive track record make Icon a go-to option. The only drawback is the lack of leasing options.

Find the Best Solar Companies in Indiana Today

Investing in solar panels is a fantastic way to save on energy costs while doing your part to protect the environment. Blue Raven Solar is among the best solar companies in Indiana to work with due to its warranty coverage and in-house financing options. Icon Solar is a regional option with a long track record of success and customer service.

Solar panels and green energy are the way of the future and provide access to the benefits of technology. Read our Blog content for more insights and tips today!

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