The Ultimate Guide for Flirting with Men Online

Men are strange human creatures; they give the sweetest talks that send us over the moon. But do we know how to flirt as well as they do, we don’t know exactly, men think in a weird way and certainly not like we do. Let’s not go there, these fellows are weirdos but we can’t do anything, we need to adhere to their weirdness. In fact, flirting is not that easy and it needs some tricks and moves. When we’re in front of a man, a little eye gaze or a cute smile will do the trick, we won’t need to say a lot of words, and they’re molten in us already. How to smile and gaze when we’re texting with our casual partner we fond on a hookup app, is it possible? It’s practicable let’s break their hearts with our honey talk, Girls! But first, click here to find best chat sites.

First move

You’re not going to blow up a big flirt if you don’t know yet if he’s basically interested, that’s for sure and certain. Flirting should have a chronological order. When you want to flirt with him for the first time, keep it within the limits. Just like you’re talking to a friend, when you won’t be misunderstood and at the same time you’ll know if you should move to step 2 or to block him.

As a start:

Start the conversation. It’s okay if you’re the one who started the chat by sending a meme or just by saying Hi!

  • Praise: his mind, education, achievements, work and mindset. You’ll definitely have a little background about these stuff from the previous chats that took you to the flirting part.
  • Don’t be sassy: don’t you ever go into details of his great sexy muscles or paunch -if your man is fat- or his intense beard.
  • Look for details: use every admirable detail and make a little big deal of it, don’t make a big deal because he’ll buy it and believe that he’s the king of the world, then dump you up and find his next one-nighter when you’re just doing your malicious things to get to his heart.
  • Watch and learn: “do you really know how to play chess! I think it’s a game for people with super minds only, I’ve been trying to learn it for a long time, maybe you can be my chess trainer”

When he responds in a way that makes you feel he’s into you, IF he shows some interest, move forward to the next level.

Go ahead

When everything is going according to the plan and the respectful slow flirts are doing the needed effect, your man is ready to take more flirting and more praise from you. When he starts to flirt with you, when he shows some intimate intentions towards you, move to step two.

  • Start praising more: praise his style, haircut, and way of talking. It seems like a long process, but guys come around so fast that you can do step one and two in the same day.
  • Notice: Look at his pictures and tell him something nice about his clothes or beard or new haircut. Use some verbs like, psassion, admire; only to praise his style. “You really know how to dress like a gentleman, I love the style”. “I noticed the new haircut and you look great” details will help you in this part.

Last touch

Things now have come to an end and this is the part where your crush turns into the official casual partner. Flirts and sweet talks from both you and him should be put into a casual relationship context. If you want to be the one who will do the last step, follow these tips:

  • Stay positive: it’s time to show even more than what you really have, you want to be the best version of you. When he’s upset, when something is wrong with your playboy, stay positive and optimistic and flirt with him by using positive vibes.
  • More intense: you first started the flirting process by praising his mind and achievements, it’s now safer to give it a bigger shot. Tell him how handsome he’s, how you’re looking for him, how attractive he’s and how big is his influence on you. Just go ahead, cross the limits.
  • Close first: By ending the conversation before he does, you’re giving him the space to feel the need for more of your talk and kind words. He’ll be more excited about you next time and will probably read articles like that to know how to flirt with you.


Finding the perfect casual relationship requires some sweet talk and effort of your side. don’t rely on the man all the time to take the first step. if you want him, make your move.

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