The Untold Truth of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (more popularly known as PUBG) has become the epitome of gaming culture; three million parallel players on Steamer in January 2018 speak of the phenomenon. The gaming platform never looked back, and its players increased manifolds as days passed. It is a battle royale game for armed shooter Arma3. Many games have been developed and published since PUBG incorporating elements of battle royale, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, to name a few. The success of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has taken the realm of gaming by storm with an uninterrupted sequence of game development within the stipulated time. 

From passion

The saga of the success of PUBG is of rag to-riches with many untold truths. For the last few years, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been the undisputable leader in the battle royale genre. The players are dropped on a marooned island. The players combat with each other the survived is acclaimed as the winner. A hundred players jump out of the plane into a sixty-four stretch of rough terrain. The aim is to find guns and kill other players. Though PUBG is by far the best other games have popped up in the genus. Greene never asked for financial help from others or paid for the servers; he wanted to provide a suitable immersive platform for battle royale players.

Graphic designer to coder 

Brendan Greene, the man behind PUBG, started his career as a graphic designer and photographer; later, he used this skill in web designing for the game. From his thirties, Greene became a full-fledged game designer for existing titles like Day Z and Arma 2. His golden touch transformed these games into blockbusters, and his skill was noticed in the industry. Sony online entertainment hired him to design a game that would become H1Z1; King of the Kill. This experience proved to be handy for Greene`s collaboration with developer Bluehole for creating Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Moves to east 

The association with Bluehole transformed the single-handed project into a professional game publisher and was not a cakewalk. There were many challenges in between. The original coding was done by Greene himself, which was intricate and often messy. Vehicles randomly ply in PUBG, but you may have noticed, most of the time, that they move east. For many gamers, this phenomenon has become a tactical consideration players try to observe which way the car is moving, which means the driver is lurking nearby. Greene himself wittingly admits the glitch and states there are lots of scopes of development. Every feedback is important to him, and try to resolve any issue.

Average of one million players

The crude coding has created a rustic aesthetic value of the game, which is unique in its own term. PUBG in no time surpassed League of Legends as the most streamed title on Twitch in August 2017. The unpredictability, aggressive gameplay, high risk, and shooting propelled its skyrocketing popularity, but with all features, the title was in Early Access. It was in the top position in the Steam sales chart with concurrent gamers. As per Steam chart data, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has had an average of one million players at a given time since October 2017. The number of players increased significantly since December 2017 once the title was fully accessible, which peaked at about three million parallel players in January 2018.  

Winner winner chicken dinner

At the end of the game, on the black screen, you can watch how you were eliminated, if not still surviving, in the PUBG. If you ever win the title in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, you are awarded a message, “Winner winner chicken dinner” the phrase was derived from the Great Depression era. If a person wins a handsome gamble, he/she can afford a lavish dinner. This line was popular among gamblers in Vegas, and Greene picked up the line.

Shades of controversy

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds continue to be at the top list of gaming but with few shades of controversy. It was stated the game would not allow true microtransactions till the Early Access phase, but there were many loot boxes in July 2017. You could get access to loot boxes as the game unfolds, but they could be opened with keys that could only be bought with a real dollar. Many players were not happy with these microtransactions. 

Hacks and cheats 

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