The three best apps for gambling online

There are so many apps that are worth downloading that it can be tough to make space on your phone for all of them and to make sure that when you hit that download button you are going to get something worthy of that precious storage.

There are of course lots of ways to improve the amount of space on your phone with lots of people employing great cloud based solutions in order to sort out the problem however that still doesn’t help you when selecting apps and sifting through the rubbish to root out a gem.

Mobile gambling apps have made huge strides forward in recent years and are so good now that it is rare to download ones that are truly awful. However it is still easy to miss some of the best ones owing to the sheer volume of options. Therefore this list highlights three of the best, one for sports betting, one for casino betting and one for playing slots.

Sports Betting: Paddy Power:

Paddy Power’s app and their mobile browser client are superb in their simplicity and being linked to one of the world most famous sports betting companies makes this a worthwhile investment.

Paddy Power are often known for their funny publicity stunts and press releases and with a bright and colourful theme as well as hundreds of different markets to bet on, the Irish companies app certainly reflects their corporate persona.

It is also particualry fantastic for betting on horses with a huge number of meetings covered. The fact that the app is not too fancy or full on means it is unlikely to crash or face too many problems which ensures you won’t lose the chance to get great in-play odds because your phone has crashed.

They always offer interesting, innovative and genuinely worthley special bets which make you watch games you might otherwise ignore, this app is absolutely perfect for anyone interested in sports betting.


Slots App:

As with Casino games there are heaps of options out there with a variety of excellent apps to suit all tastes from serious slotsters to those who just want to play in their spare time.

A great in between option is Rocket Speed because it has free games you can just try out to hone your skills as well as ones with in-game currency that allow you to turn your skills into something more than just prestige.

It also has offline games so no hammering of your data or dropping out if you have problems with your WiFi, it is a real all rounder.


Mobile Casino: William Hill

William Hill also dabble in sports betting making this a doubly worthwhile download but it’s their online casino that makes them stand out. There are so many top gambling casino apps out there now that it’s worth shopping around to make sure you find the right one for you. William Hill’s has always been my favorite but make sure to do your homework and if you do you will be richly rewarded with an app that suits you.

William Hill’s is sleek, sophisticated and feels professional making it perfect for the serious casino gamer.

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