Top 5 Best Android Apps to try out in 2021

Not many people are aware of the significance of 2016 when it comes to advances in technology, and how these have impacted the world of relationships. In October of that year, surveys of web traffic highlighted the fact that users accessing their favourite websites via mobile devices had overtaken those doing so by desktop computers. This truly heralded the era of the downloadable app. With that being said, here are five of the top Android apps to try in 2021.

If you’re a novice when it comes to Internet dating, isn’t it about time you took advantage of the free registration offered by many services and checked out the possibilities? Downloading this dating app will give you access to a platform where you can complete a straightforward – and free –registration, before gaining access to like-minded singles. Nowadays, online technologies have been invigorated by convenient software, and where singles are concerned, the good news is new apps are being launched all the time.

By navigating to the foot of the site’s introductory page, you’ll come across sub-categories such as marriage or divorced dating, as well as several chat rooms where you can join married chat groups and find a kindred spirits. According to recent research, in the last 20 years, dating sites and apps have become the second most common way for Americans to meet their spouses (next to meeting through mutual friends), so it’s definitely an option for you.

 If you’re looking for conversations with flirty partners, there’s no better way to start – or as the homepage describes entering the vibrant chat room facility: ‘it’s the best way to kick off a thrilling dating party!’

Podcast Addict

After spending some time browsing through the profiles of other singles, if you’re looking for a diversion, another fabulous Android app you could try out is Podcast Addict. Currently rated the top app for listening to an incredibly varied range of entertaining, uplifting, and informative podcasts, it has been downloaded over 10 million times, receiving thousands of positive reviews. As well as providing excellent content to listen to, this highly versatile app can become a hub for managing other sites, including radio, audiobooks, YouTube, news channels, and SoundCloud.


Everyone who regularly uses their mobile device to access dating sites likes to customize their home screen in some way, even if it’s just a case of using an image of your hot new date as your background. But Zedge is an app that allows you to take much greater control when it comes to managing your content.

You can choose from free ringtones, all downloadable in high quality. There’s a fabulous selection of wallpapers to choose from, as well as home screen icons that will make your gallery stand out. As well as widgets, you can incorporate notification sounds – always a bonus when you are making the most of dating sites and anticipating regular communications from all those singles you’ve been flirting with.


One issue with getting into online dating is the constant temptation to dip into chat rooms or check out new profiles. This is where you might benefit from some task management! TickTick is a powerful app that offers seamless cloud syncing across all the devices you use.

This allows you to create a timetable, which can be modified to cover so many different aspects of your daily life. You can use this to compose and send memos, prepare shopping lists and share these with a loved one – ideal when you’re planning a candlelit dinner date. Factor in your healthy exercise regime, and this app will keep your busy life on track.


GayTryst is one of the most flexible apps you’ll come across if you’re a member of the LGBTQ community and seeking a reliable matchmaking platform. The home screen benefits from its stylistically simple, easy-on-the-eye design, while the navigation is also user-friendly. Newbies will be drawn into the diverse array of links at the foot of the introductory page. There are also tips for achieving successful dates.

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