Top 6 Smart Scales for Any Budget

Do you think that losing weight is hard? In fact, it can be as simple as gambling at bobcasino.com/en-NZ. And to do this, you just need to buy smart scales. These are the best devices in this category.

How Smart Scales Work

They work in sync with your smartphone. There is no need to record the results of measurements in diaries and journals – they are automatically saved in apps or cloud services. Smart scales track the dynamics of body weight with the help of clear graphs. You can see which changes are random fluctuations and which are stable trends. Some apps use the information to create personalized diet plans, exercise programs, and daily routines.

In a separate category, there are diagnostic smart scales. They use the most accurate and simple bioimpedance technology to assess your body composition. A weak, harmless current passes through your body upon contact with the steel electrodes. By evaluating the rate of signal return, electronics calculate the percentage of muscle, bone and fat tissue, water content, metabolic rate and other important indicators. Weight measurement becomes informative – the resulting numbers show what training and dieting is needed.

If you have health problems, a consultation with your doctor before using a smart scale is necessary. Diagnostic scales are also not suitable for everyone – they should not be used if you have metal implants and pacemakers.

Tefal Body Partner Shape YD3090S1

This is a unique model with an extra tracker that resembles a heart rate chest monitor. But this gadget is used to measure body shape. It tracks changes in chest, waist, abdomen, hips, arms, and ankles. Also Tefal Body Partner Shape YD3090S1 gives useful hints in the mobile app and makes individual workout programs.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

The electronic scale calculates ten indicators, including the percentage of visceral fat located in the abdomen. This tissue affects most internal organs, immune response, and your well-being.

The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 uploads all the information to the Mi Fit app. There you can see graphs and compare the dynamics of your body weight with the intensity of your workouts. A nice bonus – the data error is only 10 grams.

Huawei Body Fat Scale AH100

The smart device for weight measurement shows the percentage of muscle, fat and bone tissue on the built-in screen – it is not necessary to hold a smartphone in your hands. Also, Huawei Body Fat Scale AH100 remembers up to 10 users and automatically selects the desired profile during measurement.

The design of the scales is also interesting. The wide platform is made of heavy-duty tempered glass. Its rounded edges are finished by laser grinding, which gives a pleasantly smooth surface to the touch.

AEG PW 5653

The smart floor scale has a minimalist style, with a thick platform of heavy-duty glass. Large electrodes run almost the entire width of the device.

The main feature of the AEG PW 5653 is the bright display with contrasting symbols. It instantly reads the results of measurements both in the dark and in daylight. All information can be viewed in the app for Android and iOS.

Picooc Mini

Among the best models of smart scales is this compact gadget. It takes up almost half the space compared to other devices – only 2 cm in height. Therefore, it is easy to store in a small cabinet in the bathroom.

Picooc Mini measures ten vital signs, including metabolic rate, biological age and body fat content, in just three seconds and displays them instantly in a mobile app with an easy-to-understand interface.

Tefal Body Partner Access PP9500S1

If you are already ready to shed extra pounds, choose the smart scales of this French brand. It comes with free workout programs. Just select the main goal – improve your well-being, get rid of excess weight, build muscle, or strengthen your immune system.

The Tefal Body Partner Access PP9500S1 also encourages you with motivational messages and exercise reminders. How’s that for a personal trainer?

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