10 Top Educational Apps for Students

Many of us like to use different types of apps. However, few know of the many useful apps that can aid students’ education. Today, we are going to present you the top 10 applications you can use for your studies.

1. iSchool

This useful organizer is designed for students and boasts many helpful features. In addition to scheduling lessons and monitoring your performance, you can record your homework using the camera or voice recorder, share it on social networks or via Bluetooth, receive notifications about the beginning and end of the lesson, make notes on disciplines, etc.

The developers also created a widget and version of the application for the Apple Watch.

2. iStudiez Pro

This application functions as a calendar, notepad, and scheduler. It is used to plan time for study, visit different sections, and rest. Unlike other similar applications, iStudiez Pro is designed specifically for students, so it allows you to enter information about terms, disciplines, and teachers, and it has specialized settings. Also, you can use Sheppard software for better learning.

3. Writer Plus

Writer Plus is a program that will be an indispensable assistant for writers, journalists, or students who need to deal with different writing assignments. Of course, it is easier to buy essay or a review, but if you want to handle writing yourself, choose this app.

In order to avoid keeping a notebook and a pen at hand all the time, use modern technologies to create various notes.

This program allows you to perform basic functions with text, change the size and color of the font, and has an auto-save feature that will save your writing in case of an accidental exit from the program. The app has a very simple interface, and it contains only the most necessary functions, so you can easily use it when convenient.

4. Photomath

Use an iPhone or Android camera to take a picture of conversions or equations. Photomath recognizes and solves them. It is important that Photomath gives not just an answer but a complete solution of a conversion in actions. This will help to understand the principle of solving an unfamiliar type of conversion and learn how to solve it yourself, without a calculator.

5. Reverso

This app is a great solution for learners of foreign languages. In the application, more than 200 dictionaries are available, collected in various fields: lexicon, science, medicine, and others. Translate and receive the transcription and context of the use of a given word or stable expression.

6. FineScanner

Students often lose printed documents and handwritten notes. If you want to prevent this, scan them via FineScanner using the camera on your phone. The app uses an accurate sheet capture algorithm and special technology for text recognition. This helps to make the scanned document look good. You can copy separate parts of the text from it.

You can save documents from the app to cloud services, send them by email, and share with your classmates.

7. Codea

To create simple applications and games, you do not need the knowledge of a real programmer. There are tools to build something like this. You can take the Lua programming language and the Codea application.

This is a graphical code editor for beginners. Here you can develop something interesting, but do not count on large projects. This is an opportunity to understand the basics of graphic design, which helps to determine whether it is interesting for you to do such a practice.

8. Sky Guide

There are quite a few astronomy programs in the Apple application library. Users like the opportunity to explore the sky without buying a personal telescope, so developers actively work in this sphere.

Among others, Sky Guide deserves special attention. It was originally designed for the amateur, so they emphasize beauty and sell it at a fairly low price. A beautiful interface and the comprehensive knowledge of a known part of the cosmos can be had without a doctorate in astronomy.

9. MyScript Calculator

This calculator recognizes handwriting and is able to solve handwritten conversions. You can check whether you have solved the task correctly.

10. Coursera

The Coursera platform has its own app. By using it, you can learn lots of disciplines for free, from a foreign language to IT. The authors of the study programs are teachers from the most popular universities from all over the world.

They film video lectures often in the original language, but many of them contain subtitles. Therefore, this is a great option to develop your Spanish and knowledge in other disciplines.

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