Top financial apps for trading and following the market

There are plenty of financial Apps for Android and iOS platform which help investors to perform trades and also follow the market trends. Smart phones have made the life of traders easier by allowing them to monitor market trends and perform trades anytime from anywhere in the world. Some of the popular financial Apps which are used by investors extensively are listed below,

Trade on the Go:

Trade on the Go a secure and powerful trading app based on Android platform from Religare broking. You can enjoy trading from wide range of investment portfolio including Indian equities, forex currencies, commodities and derivatives using this simple and user-friendly App. You can track your stock positions and also monitor the trends in the market from anywhere. You can access the newsfeeds in either refresh or live-streaming mode based on your available bandwidth and place trades anytime from any location. You can view real-time intra-day charts, current stock prices of your favorite companies, live market Indices and also keep track of your market positions using this App.

eToro Mobile Trader:

eToro is a free Android App with simple user-interface which allows users to access financial markets anytime from anywhere in the world. Traders can gain access to real-time quotes of commodities, market Indices and forex currencies inside the App and execute trades instantly. They can also open a free trading account with eToro and manage it using the App. eToro also allows traders to connect with social investment network of more than 4.5 million traders across the globe. You can get live market news and analyze the trends using various technical indicators like charts and graphs. eToro also provides  leveraging options ranging from 1:2 to 1:400 for traders who want to make more profits with less investment capital.

Bloomberg Business:

It is the No.1 financial App for Android platform which allows users to gain access to global market data, real-time quotes and various tools helpful in tracking their stock portfolio. Bloomberg is a reputed news agency trusted by millions of readers across the globe and this financial App from Bloomberg News agency is used by professional traders to gain access to breaking market news and genuine information on various topics such as economy, commodities, emerging markets, currencies, personal finance etc. You can get live newsfeeds about your favorite companies in the market watch list and key business events like elections, job reports, debt crisis etc.

Bloomberg business offers investors updated information about all kinds of portfolio including currencies, commodities, futures, bonds and equity indexes.  You can create custom watch lists inside the App to keep track of your portfolio including mutual funds, stocks, currencies and ETFs. The App provides various tools to analyze the market trends including live charts, graphs and key statistics of the world markets. You can also watch live Bloomberg TV based on the specific region in which you are located and keep yourself informed of what is happening currently in the market. You can also synchronize your favorite stocks present in your watch list with Bloomberg.com and access it through Web. The App allows users to share the financial news articles to their friends through Twitter, Facebook or email.

E*Trade Mobile:

E-Trade Mobile is also a popular Android based Application which allows users to trade stocks, options and mutual funds. It allows traders to view their stock positions and manage their trading accounts, perform transactions in real-time, get live market news feeds and streaming quotes of their favorite stocks. It provides easy options for funds transfers from different trading accounts including Transfer money and mobile check deposits.  Traders are notified with personalized alerts in case of any significant moves in their market watch list. Users can also setup customized watch list and build alerts based on technical triggers, trade volume and price breakouts. This App provides live streaming of market news from CNBC and also offers real-time charts, graphs and other technical indicators that help traders to analyze the market trends. This App is highly secure and designed with user-friendly interface making it an ideal choice for novice traders as well.


MarketWatch is an Android based financial App designed by the renowned publishing company Dow Jones & Co to keep investors informed about the latest market updates.  Users get access to real-time stock quotes and live newsfeeds from stock markets across Asia, Europe and United States. Traders can make wise and well-informed investment decisions by watching the latest market news provided by this App and following the market trends. MarketWatch is a powerful tool for any investor to analyze the market trends since it offers latest market news in crisp fashion along with mobile-tailored experience to its users.


If you are interested in social trading, Copyop is your best platform of choice which allows you to copy trades of successful investors. You can follow the top performing traders and monitor each and every transaction they perform. Once you identify the top traders, you can copy their trades with single touch and it will be placed automatically on your behalf according to the terms and conditions you have mentioned earlier. Copy mobile trading App has an intuitive interface and is very user-friendly. You don’t require any complex technical indicators or charts to analyze the market. It helps novice traders without any market knowledge to invest and make money by copying successful traders with proven track records.

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