Top Mobile Applications for College Students

There is hardly any student who does not use innovative gadgets today in this modern world of technology. The students employ various mobile apps for more than just entertainment. A lot of students use these apps to study too. Android and Apple both have several dozens of mobile apps and programs, which are very useful and informative, especially if you wish to keep up with the evolving times and accentuate your studying process.

Almost every student is aware of several applications that cater to their needs the most. However, there are still a couple of app helpers that you cannot live without. Here, we will list out a few of them.


Nathaniel, an algebra online tutorsays that he religiously uses the Any.Do app to organize his day-to-day tasks. It is the perfect mobile app for students who wish to create a to-do list and keep at it. The app will let you synchronize all your tasks across various devices. It implies that if you are logged in, you can access your to-do list anytime and anywhere. The app lets you add new entries to your to-do list via the touch-based interface of the application. You can also use your voice to create new tasks. 

With the app, you can modify the tasks’ priority, mark a particular task as completed, or shake the device to get rid of all completed tasks. You can add the Any.Do widget to your phone’s home screen. It will give you quick and easy access.


Several students tend to forget the time and date of the test. Do you always remember the homework’s deadline, the lecture time, and the subject for the next class? If not, you will find the Studious app quite handy. All you have to do is input the information about the location, professor, class time, and other things, and the app will keep reminding you whenever you need help.

Inbox by Gmail

A lot of times, people tend to have issues with their email. Honestly, it is almost impossible to control the Inbox because it does not have enough features. So, what should you do? Switch to Inbox. Inbox will ensure that all the issues that you faced with regular email are now eliminated. The application comes with several in-built features, which allow you to see a bunch of similar emails and snooze or check off the reminders calendar. With Inbox, you can get things done in a jiffy.  


Afraid of losing your coursework? We have the perfect mobile app for you. With Dropbox, you can upload an array of files, such as photos, documents, and videos in the cloud and have them online anytime you want. Stacey, who recently graduated and joined TrumpLearningsays that she once forgot her assignment at home in her final college year, but she had it on her Dropbox, and that saved her. For accessing the files on your Dropbox, you need nothing more than an Internet connection. 

So, get set, store all the important files on your Dropbox, and you can share them with your friends instantly.


Math tests and homework can, indeed, be quite daunting. Many a time, students tend to get stuck in the loop of finding the right answer. However, with Mathway, all your worries can be resolved. You can find a step-by-step guide on this app while you look for a math solution for geometry, algebra, or any other mathematics concept. You can input the application’s task, and you can check if the provided solution is the same as the one provided.

College students always like to keep a tab on all their tasks – the exams, overdue essays, part-time jobs, and deadlines. With, this problem has been permanently eliminated. is one of the most superior RSS aggregators. Using the application, you can consolidate all the news in your single feed. The app lets you check the news that interests you and then send you a notification when something that may interest you happens. 


One of the world’s biggest libraries online, Scribd enables the students to find millions of documents and books that may help your studies, says Gregg, an educator with EduworldUSAThe data on the app is shared by people from all corners of the world. It is easy for you to organize and curate the content you need according to concept or topic. You can build a library of different books, texts, and notes that you need and share them with your classmates and friends on Scribd. 


Do you know what the most challenging part of writing an essay is? A lot of students feel that creating a list of citations is the hardest part. However, for that, you need to be aware of the APA or MLA style for formatting. So, if you are one of those students, you will love the EasyBib app. On the app, all you have to do is enter the book’s title, and you will get the right citation. You can then copy-paste this citation in your bibliography.

CliffsNotes For any student who studies literature and writes essays on the things read by them, CliffsNotes is a great app, says Steffy, an essay writer with TFTHOn the app, you can find useful information about every theme, plot, or character. There are also summaries of the books read by you. You can find the audio version on the app. So, you can hear out all the information while you are on the go. 

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