Top 3 Mobile Tracker Apps In 2021

Mobile tracker apps are floating on the web, and you can use them to track the GPS location of your phones of your kids and employees to the fullest. GPS tracking software enables users to know about the current and exact location of the target device. It does not drain the battery of the target device. Today we are going to discuss the handpicked list of the top 3 mobile tracking apps in 2021.

Before we go into the details of the top cell phone tracking applications, you need to know about the phone tracker to the fullest.

What is a Mobile tracker?

It is a tracking application for cellphone devices. It empowers you to monitor and track live location updates of your target device. These kinds of cellphone tracking software are best for setting parental control on kid’s cellphone devices to the fullest. Moreover, you can monitor and track your employee’s location during working hours. There’s no doubt that a good mobile tracker is an efficient employee management tool that you can use to track your employees and get more productivity.

These applications are best for commercial purposes these days, and people are getting benefits out of them. Users can use it to track the live GPS location, location history, and real-time location of the target device. Moreover, you can get to know about every single activity on the target device to the fullest.

Let’s take a look at the following top 3 mobile tracker apps in 2021.


It is one of the best cell phone spy app that enables users to track mobile location to the fullest. It secretly works on the target device, and you can get the live GPS location of your child or employee. You can get the real-time location of the target phone and location history with the schedule.

Moreover, users can get the location of a cellphone without GPS of the target device using sent and received SMS.  You can monitor cell phone activities to the fullest. You can record live phone calls, screenshots, keystrokes, and monitor social media chats and messages.

Top 5 attributes of TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app

  • It is easy to install on the target device
  • It has non-rooted features
  • It is hidden and undetectable on the target device
  • You can use it on non-jailbreak iOS devices
  • It is temper proof application
  • It is best for parental monitoring
  • It is beneficial for tracking employees

OS compatibility:

It is compatible with cellphone devices running with Android and iOS operating systems. Users can use it on android starting from android 5.0 up to 11.0. Moreover, it is compatible with iOS 11.2 up to 14.3.  

Most of the powerful features of TheOneSpy mobile tracking app

Here are the following features you need to know about the TOS that can track live phone location and monitor activities to the fullest.

  • Screen recording
  • Screenshots
  • Keystrokes
  • Social media spy
  • Location tracker
  • Internet history
  • Password chaser
  • Surround recording
  • Read messages
  • Call recording


OgyMogy mobile tracker is a powerful high–quality tool that empowers you to track and monitor cellphone devices connected to the internet. The application is easy to install, and you can use it secretly on the target device. You can install it on the target device having physical access to the target device. Further, track the live GPS location and route map of the target device. Moreover, users can record live cellphone calls and read sent and received messages. Further, you can get screenshots, and monitor the browsing history of a cellphone to the fullest.

Perks of OgyMogy phone tracker software

  • It is a non-rooted and hidden phone tracking app
  • It remains undetectable on the target cellphone device
  • It requires physical access to the target device for installation
  • It is a reasonable price compare to its competitors
  • It is best for kids to monitor and track employees

OS compatibility:

End users can subscribe to the cellphone device of android running up to OS version 11.0.

Top features of OgyMogy cell phone tracking app

Here are the following features of the cell phone monitoring software that are best in the business these days.

  • Record phone calls
  • Keylogger
  • Screenshots
  •  Screen recorder
  • Monitor messages
  • Capture screenshots
  • Social media tracker
  • Live camera spy
  • Surround recorder


It is one of the best cell phone tracking software. It is the most powerful and sneaky mobile tracker in 2021. It works on the target cellphone device secretly and monitors the target device’s location. You can track real-time location, and you can watch the location of a cellphone device without them knowing.  It has a web-based online control panel that you can use on your phone and PC. The application has multiple products for android and iOS devices.

 It has a set of features for cellphone devices and empowers you to track and monitor calls, messages, IMs, screenshots, screen recording, and many more. End-users can use it to protect digital privacy and online safety. It also works as the best employee tracking application. It needs physical access to the target device to complete its installation process on the target device.

OS Support:

Flexispy is compatible with all android and iOS devices, and you can easily monitor your kids and employees.

Top Features of Flexispy Mobile tracker

There are following features that you can use to track and monitor cellphone devices to the fullest.

  • Track incoming & outgoing calls on android and iOS phones
  • You can monitor call logs with schedule
  • It has GPS tracking tools to get live cellphone location
  • You can read IM’s social media, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more.
  •  It can record the live screen of android and iPhone devices.
  • Users can monitor and read sent and received messages
  • End users can get the internet history of a cellphone


Mobile tracker apps are popular these days because parents and employers are desperate to get their hands on them. We discussed the top 3 phone tracking apps that are best and powerful to the fullest.

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