Top News Apps For Indian Users

There has been a huge shift in the way we consume news. It has moved from going through the newspaper to watching prime time news to 24 hrs news channels to Twitter to news apps. We cannot wait for the prime time to know about what is happening around the world. The news is at our tips and that is how we like it. All the major media houses have android, iOS and probably windows app help you stay aware of the world around you.

It is important that the news app you are using presents you the news that is the most relevant to you. Here we are listing the best news apps that cater to Indian audience. Students, professionals living abroad who like to keep in touch with whats happening back home also prefer these news apps to keep a tap on latest events.

 Best News Apps For Indian Users


1# TOI

This is the official app of Times Of India Newspaper from Times Group. Apart from news articles, the app also provides access to a live streaming of the network’s TV news channels namely- Times Now, ET Now and Zoom. The app is neat and all the news is shown in a well categorized structure as Top News, Brief, Latest and Trending. You can set your preferences in terms of topics or cities and see the relevant news pieces.

The other interesting feature is to download top stories for offline viewing. The feature is on by default so even if there is no internet connectivity, you can read the top stories- a very thoughtful feature for Indian audience. The news content is same as the print media, TV media of the Times Group.

DailyHunt2# DailyHunt

Formerly known as NewsHunt, this app takes content curation to a different level. It is like one app for many newspapers. Daily hunt has been able to get a majority of media houses on board and as a result the app shows news stories of almost all the leading newspapers in a range of different languages.

This is the key reason why this app stands out from all other news app available out there. In addition to this, the app also houses a collection of e-books, the ones which you find over any book stall across the country. This app succeeds in bringing offline reading to the e-reading platform by providing the commonly read content online.

The features like changing the font, sections for latest, trending, favorite stories, adding favorite categories are available, like any other news app. DailyHunt also plans to introduce the sachet reading model where users can pay per chapter of the book and not buy the whole book. They are in talks with the network operator where the money can be added to postpaid mobile bill or deducted from prepaid balance.

Indians are known to be skeptical about sharing their financial details like internet baking or credit card details online. This new model takes care of those concerns.


3# Google News and Weather

If you are the kind of readers who has a Google News tab open always on your desktop browser then this app is for you. The most important thing about it is how it brings the most relevant news stories to you because it is powered by Google has a lot of your browsing data.

The UI is neat, I find it to be more appealing than any other app. The card based layout and material design make this app a beautiful piece of design. There features like week in review where you can see the top stories of a week if you were out of touch the whole time. A tap on the headline reveals more about the issue and on further tapping on the details, you are directed to the page where the news is originally published.

You may complain about non responsiveness of web pages from some of the publications but otherwise the experience is pretty smooth.


4# Inshorts

This news app has catered using one single touch point and that is users are not always interested in watching the detailed news and headlines is often insufficient. They say news in less than 60 words.

There are small pieces about news. The detailed news is credited to the original publication but it shortened by in-house editors. Another interesting thing about this app is that unlike other news app, this doesn’t have a stream like layout.

It has news as flash cards where user can dismiss a card by scrolling up and next news piece will be displayed. It is clutter free and this is difficult to achieve in an app which caters to something very elaborate like News.


These Android apps are the ones we think are best suited to information needs of an Indian reader. Do let us know which one is your favorite.

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