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Online bootcamps have become a new standard these days if you wish to learn a new technique or specialized topic or upskill yourself. Upskilling has become an integral part of a tech career to stay updated and enhance your career.

With an increasing demand for tech talent across the globe, the last decade has seen considerable advancements in digital techniques. With an exponential increase in the demand for skilled, trained, and certified professionals and significant discrepancies in our traditional education system, online bootcamps have found their way to widen their landscape.

While the tech sector faces a severe shortage of skilled professionals, there are thousands of unfilled positions for UI/UX designers, programming and development, and data-oriented job roles.

As per a Bootcamp market report, there are more than half a million vacancies for computing jobs, and only around 65000 students graduate from universities every year.

An online tech boot camp, a new model of education, serves as an emerging alternate solution for professionals who don’t prefer to take a 4-year long degree and wish to start their careers soon. Also, these bootcamps serve as a savior to the organizations that want to fill the talent gap and have skilled and trained professionals within their teams.

Some of the most popular online tech bootcamps, such as Caltech Bootcamp, offer short-term, fully-fledged, employment-centered, flexible learning programs that have gained acceptance by most top organizations worldwide.

Today, certification of an online training course certification has become more valuable than a college/university degree. It is preferred by almost all sectors, from tech firms to financial services and the retail market, regardless of the type and size of the firm.

Some of the top companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Facebook, and Google, have the highest number of professionals in their different departments who graduated from online bootcamps.

Let’s have an overview of an online Bootcamp and top bootcamps by Caltech.

What is an Online Bootcamp?

Typically, an online boot camp is an accelerated, intensive training program intended to equip students with the sought-after skills employers require.

From cybersecurity to full-stack development, Data Science to UI/UX Design, and Digital Marketing to Cloud Computing, various certification courses are meant for professionals and freshers.

Amazing Fact

The online Bootcamp industry has seen a phenomenal growth of around 171% and has reached USD 309 billion since the launch of the first online Bootcamp in the year 2012.

Apart from the various factors fuelling the growth of online bootcamps, the two main factors include the short duration of these courses and the blended-learning approach. Generally, these bootcamps last for 12 to 48 weeks and have a blended learning approach.

We are here to discuss the top online bootcamps offered by Caltech. Let’s have an introduction to Caltech.

Caltech, or basically California Institute of Technology, is a renowned science and Engineering institute known for providing exceptional education and training to the students/professionals. It is famous for marshaling some of the most innovative tools and brightest minds.

Caltech, in collaboration with Simplilearn, co-delivers online professional courses. Simplilearn, with its award-winning immersive training model, delivers training through live virtual classes, emphasizes applied learning, and creates impressive career impact.

Top Online Bootcamps by Caltech

1. Post Graduate Program in DevOps

The tagline of this course says, ‘Break the Barrier to DevOps Success.’ This training course is provided by Caltech in collaboration with Simplilearn, enables you to bridge the gap between software development and operations, and equips you with [practical skills through industry projects in continuous deployment and configuration tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack.

This training course will cover the topics including DevOps Methodology, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Containerization, DevOps on Cloud, Source Control, Configuration Management, and Deployment Automation.

This Caltech Bootcamp ensures that you master all the aspects of DevOps methodology and provides you with a Caltech CTME certification which adds significant value to your portfolio.

2. Post Graduate Cloud Computing Program

In collaboration with Microsoft, this Caltech training program is a world-class cloud computing program that enables you to fast-track your career in this domain by covering the two most popular cloud platforms, namely, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

You will learn to design, plan, and scale advanced cloud implementations by working on hands-on industry projects. Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • Cloud Provider Selection
  • Performance Testing
  • Application Migration
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Autoscaling
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Management
  • Multicloud Deployment

In this training course, masterclasses are conducted by Caltech CTME instructors, and the training is industry-specific from top cloud practitioners. The tools covered in this course are Amazon ECS, Amazon EC2, App Services, Azure Container Service, Elastic Beanstalk, virtual machines, Amazon Dynamo DB, and many more.

3. Post Graduate Full Stack Web Development Program

This course will allow you to ace advanced coding techniques, front-end and back-end software development, and integration techniques. The tagline of the course says, ‘Become a Software Expert Top Firms Seek.’ with this training course, you will get an opportunity to work on hands-on projects and build your Git portfolio.

The topics covered in this course are AWS, Hibernate and JPA, JavaScript ES6, HTML5 and CSS3, JSP, Servlets, and SOAP and REST.

This full-stack development training program is meant for those who wish to specialize in both server-side and client-side web development, software developers, web designers, or those who want to attain cutting-edge web development skills.

The tools covered in this course are Angular, Docker, MongoDB, Git, Maven, Jenkins, HTML5, CSS, and many more.


The three most popular courses are discussed in this article. You can take up any of the courses to make or advance your career in these domains. Caltech provides CTME certification once you are done with the course and mentorship. This is done in collaboration with the Simplilearn JobAssist program that helps you land the job.

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