Top SMTP Services for 2022

Emails are one of the most preferred communication channels in the digital world. At the same time, emails are also the most cost-effective marketing channel that generates the highest ROI.

And, if you’ve been sending bulk emails to your subscribers regularly, you probably have encountered delivery issues (slow deliverability, high bounce rate, etc.). That’s where an SMTP service provider comes to the rescue. They solve all your deliverability issues, ensure your IP doesn’t get blacklisted, and provide real-time analytics to help you measure your email performance.

However, with so many SMTP providers, choosing the right one for your business could be challenging. To make things easier for you, we have handpicked the best SMTP services for 2022. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1- DuoCircle

DuoCircle is at the top of our best SMTP provider list for a reason. It is the most reliable email gateway for high-volume senders. DuoCircle increases your email deliverability without any infrastructure overhead on your business. At the same time, it ensures all the emails get delivered to the inbox with superior IP reputation handling.

DuoCircle allows you to send bulk emails even if your IP has been blacklisted or is on an RBL. They also support IP address and SPF authentication, ensuring high security and privacy for your business.

You will also have real-time access to the mail queue and logs to verify if emails are being spooled during an outage.

The best part? You get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services.

2- Postmark

Postmark is yet another great SMTP provider with a focus on reliability and email deliverability. Its transparent, real-time deliverability statistics show you exactly how many emails reached your inbox, keeping you up-to-date with everything.

At the same time, Postmark stores email content and statistics (delivery, click-through rate, open rate) and metadata for all messages for 45 days (irrespective of the plan you choose).

3- Sendgrid

Owned by Twilio, Sendgrid is one of the most popular SMTP service providers. Apart from its email sending features, it also supports SMS and WhatsApp messages. Its email API allows you to integrate it with your email provider within minutes.

Furthermore, it comes with dynamic HTML email templates, allowing you to send custom emails quickly. At the same time, you get access to 24/7 support for instant guidance.

4- Mailgun

One of the simplest SMTP services, Mailgun, allows you to send marketing and transactional emails without owning your email server. In addition, Mailgun provides you with real-time email tracking and advanced analytics for your email requirements.

You can even see detailed logs to diagnose any potential email deliverability issue. Furthermore, it offers email address validation services to improve your mailing list and help you improve your ROI.

Mailgun guarantees a 99.99% uptime SLA, ensuring you don’t run into problems at the last moment.

5- SparkPost

SparkPost claims to be the industry’s most trusted email deliverability and sending platform. It also says that it is responsible for delivering nearly 40% of all B2B and B2C emails (around 6 trillion emails annually).

SparkPost is powered by the industry’s largest data network. It also uses the best security and compliance posture to support even the most regulated industries, such as healthcare and insurance.

6- Sendinblue

Sendinblue is one of the most intuitive SMTP platforms for businesses of all sizes. It offers a free SMTP server for sending up to 300 emails a day. Its servers are even configured to support high-volume sending.

Moreover, it is backed by dedicated infrastructure and resources to ensure your emails don’t land in the user’s spam. It claims to deliver 50% of emails within one second, while 99.98% of emails are delivered in less than 20 seconds.

To increase engagement, you can also trigger custom email automation workflows based on user behavior.


SMTP services are crucial for businesses sending thousands of emails every day. SMTP services prevent your IP address from getting blacklisted while improving your deliverability rate.

Have you used any of the top SMTP services providers mentioned above? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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