Top Technologies Invented by Students

For a reason, some universities always mention their modern scientific labs and a plethora of research projects. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not only MIT and Harvard that provide students with great opportunities to start one’s research. As the practice shows, any student engaged in scientific work can provide a great solution once a challenge is taken.

Here are some important top technologies that would not be possible if not for the university students:

  • 3D Glasses. Yes, it has been invented by a Harvard student named Edwin Land who was only 20 years old when he made his discovery that became the foundation of what we have today as a lens in sunglasses, various cameras, 3D glasses, and specific car headlights among other things related to optics. It all started with the simple lab assignment that dealt with the polarizing filter. As you can see, sometimes these boring labs do lead to miracles! However, if you find research work too challenging, consider research papers writing service to get your tasks under control and avoid plagiarism. Sometimes it is only natural to have an expert proofread your work, make corrections, and more. Even if you want to avoid plagiarism and check minor formatting issues, it is always a safe path towards academic success and new inventions!
  • Injectable Foam System. This time we shall talk about biomedical engineering students at the famous Johns Hopkins University who came up with a special system that helps to stop severe bleeding from a wound where the regular solutions like gauze pads are not efficient. It is a special foam for soldiers that have to be present in battlefield situations. In simple terms, it expands in the wound when it gets inside and fills it to prevent blood loss.
  • 3D Printing in Color. This is what chemical engineers did at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Two students came up with the idea of creating a device that would let desktop printing solutions work in a full palette of colors without costing a fortune. They simply added dye to the plastic as it kept melting. It became possible to install it to your printer and add color this way! If you want to add academic excellence to your college assignments, consider CleverrUp to solve any academic problems you may have by turning to a professional assistant. Sometimes you just need to gather your thoughts together to achieve success and avoid the stress!
  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Invented by a young 19 years old student called Boyan Slat, it is something that can help us clean up oceans in only five years. It is the set of floating blooms to suck up all the plastic by directing it to existing plastic processing plants that can recycle the materials discovered. Whether it is efficient or not, it is already one of those great innovations that can become a major change.
  • Just a Little Pinprick. A Stanford student called Elizabeth Holmes is a great inventor behind a device or a method that makes the blood test much less painful than the traditional painful check. It makes it possible to perform over thirty laboratory tests with a special pinprick where a tiny drop of blood becomes enough. It is also a much less expensive solution compared to traditional methods.

The Social Work Matters

The Social Work Matters

Remember that even if you may not have invented some top technology, you can always take part in social and community work in your college to stay aware of all the latest innovations and possibly suggest something interesting. Every solution that an inventor comes up with has roots in the list of problems and suggestions of ordinary customers and the people who tend to think outside the box. So free your mind and be creative, leave suggestions, discuss things, and you will always become a part of something important and inspiring!

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