Top Tips for Starting A Modern Cleaning Service Business

For many people, household chores are a bore, and they will do anything to avoid it, but living in a mess isn’t good for your mood or your health. This is why hiring domestic cleaners is such a popular service. From people who have busy schedules for those who just can’t bring themselves to do the chores they hate, there is a big demand for hiring help.

It’s not just domestic cases, either. Businesses require the help of expert cleaners like universal-cleaning.uk to keep the office clean and tidy to maintain a professional image. If you’re thinking of cashing in on this great business opportunity, here are some useful tips for building a modern cleaning service.

Create a Website and App

All businesses need a professional website to advertise their services and provide customers with more information. As a cleaning service, make sure your site lists in detail all of the services your company provides along with a price list. You should also list the areas you work in and whether you do domestic cleaning, cleaning for businesses, or both. Make sure there are eCommerce functions on your site, too.

This way, customers can pay upfront for the service with ease, and include a booking system alongside this. Another useful feature on your website would be a ‘live chat’ box, which will enable customers to talk to you directly. Creating an app for your company is also a good idea, as many people prefer to use their smartphones for this kind of thing, and an app will make this easier for them.


You must have the correct business insurance before you start taking on jobs. Without it, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to legal issues and lawsuits.

Look online for affordable insurance options, and use a comparison website to find the best deals for your company. Make sure you look carefully through what your insurance covers and ask for advice if you’re not sure what needs to be included for this kind of business.  


Another essential part of building any business from the ground up is getting your branding right. Your logo, taglines, and any other business presentation needs to reflect what your company does clearly but should also be original.

You can hire the help of a professional marketing agency to help you develop your brand, or you can do this yourself. Just make sure you do thorough research into this and look at your competitors to make sure you’re branding stands out from them.


Expanding your business is likely to come a little later on when you’re more established. However, you should utilize locations to get more clients. Consider recruiting cleaners from other towns and cities near your location to increase your sales and brand awareness.

If you’re using an online booking system, this will make it easier for you to do, and include online staff portals so they can manage their jobs while still touching base with you. With the right tools and business model, your cleaning service could become very successful. Think about the points above and how you can use them to develop your business.

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