Top Web-based Games for Android

Dedicated gaming apps are more popular than ever, but “rate-me” popups and overbearing permissions requests can put a damper on any gaming session. We’ve put together a list of some gaming sites that are more mobile-friendly than many apps, and are guaranteed to satisfy your gaming needs. Though, we do have games that directly run, but these games are specifically made to work on most of the devices, especially for Android phones. If you do have an Android phones, and looking for such games, you must try these games.

Whether you’re on mobile or your laptop, still you can play them. We have collaborated these web-based games that surely would make you addict of them.

In no particular order, here they are:

1# Wild Jack Casino

Wild Jack Online Casino

Starting off the list is Wild Jack Online Casino, a classy online casino boasting a jackpots total of almost 9 million euros. The site is incredibly mobile-friendly, and allows you to log into the same account on your phone as you do on your desktop. Offering slots, video poker, table games, and more, Wild Jack Casino has something for everyone, and everything you could want in a casino site.

The site has exclusive promotions every month, and even gives a Welcome Package of €/$1600. If you want a real casino experience with real jackpots, Wild Jack Casino is the place for you.

2# Nexus Chess

Nexus Chess Free instant online chess

A minimalist chess site, Nexus Chess does have an app on Google Play, but the website works even more smoothly. Nexus Chess requires no account and barely any setup – just type in your nickname and press “Play Now.” The site will instantly find you a chess partner, and you’ll be playing within seconds. The only configurable option is the move timer – before pressing “Play Now” you can check off whether you want a 15 minute timer, a 5 minute timer, or a 1 minute timer.

Once playing, you simply tap on on a piece, and translucent yellow squares will show you where you’re allowed to move it. In-game options allow you to resign, cancel the match, offer a draw, and add more time to you opponent’s timer.

3# Solitaire

Free online Solitaire

Solitr.com is the easiest way to play solitaire on your mobile device – the site loads in about a tenth of a second, and bam, you’re playing. Buttons above the game allow you to start a new game, choose to turn 1 or 3 cards at once, or undo your most recent move. If you ever get bored (and let’s be honest, you already are if you’re playing solitaire), you can switch over to Spider or Mahjong by tapping on lightly-colored tabs at the top of the screen.

The bare layout and unobtrusive design choices mean you won’t be distracted from your gaming, and your phone’s battery won’t take any noticeable hit while you move around your choice of either cards or tiles. You can play free card games online spider solitaire masters.

4# Boatload Puzzles – Online Crossword Puzzles

Free Online Crossword Puzzles

Offering a near-endless supply of quality crossword puzzles, Boatload Puzzles’s mobile site is clean and perfectly adapted for screens of all sizes. Tapping on a square in the puzzle will give you the hints for the across and down portions of the puzzle containing said square, and the always-there keyboard lets you type in your guess.

At the side of the screen the “Solve” options allow you to have a letter filled in for you, or an whole word, or even the entire puzzle if you’re feeling truly lazy. Once you’ve completed the crossword, the “Next Puzzle” button at the top left of the site will generate a new one for you – and with over 40,000 of them, you’ll never run out of new material.

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