Two Free to Play Games that are Similar to World of Warcraft

The game World of Warcraft is without a doubt one of the most widely known multiplayer online role-playing games available on the internet; if you are interested in game lore, then WoW is without a doubt one of the games you should try out; however, if you have already invested countless hours into World of Warcraft, you will already know that the game is superb and does an excellent job when it comes to telling a story and delivering content with the game. 

In contrast, if you’re searching for a game that is extremely similar to World of Warcraft and you just want the change, we’ve included two games within this article that should float your boat. Both of the games listed are role-playing games and they both follow the same framework as World of Warcraft. The two games described in this article are well-known and you are likely to have heard of them before.

However, because they are well-known, the installation sizes are large, so make sure you have sufficient space on your hard drive before progressing. However, if you still want to play games while the game you picked below is being downloaded, you can discover high-quality and top-rated gaming casinos like these sites here, all mentioned gaming sites have fantastic odds, bonuses, promotions as well as a good welcome package to get you started.

Warframe – Warframe was launched in 2013, this video game has similar features and attributes in comparison to WoW. Registered Warframe players can complete missions either alone or in group to earn experience points to help develop your character, doing missions co-op and with friends is far more entertaining and gives you the best experience possible. 

Within the game you can find and unlock new pieces of gear and establish clans, with these clans you have the option to personalise your clan household (Dojo). Once you have developed your character and got the pieces of gear that you acquire, you can go head-to-head with other players around the world.

Neverwinter – This game was released in 2013 and fast forward to 2021, this free-to-play game is still pumping out content for the huge community. Despite being released in 2013, this game is still highly popular with 20 million people logging on each month. I cannot stress enough how much content is available within the game, you can easily spend hours upon hours playing this massive multiplayer online role-playing game.

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