How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo with stock firmware

The Galaxy J7 Duo is an upgrade to existing J7 series smartphones. This handset from Samsung packs more powerful processor, upgraded RAM, and rear camera. In this tutorial, we are going to deal with bricked and dead conditions. If you have somehow ended up having bricking your phone or somewhat similar situations has happened then this would help you. In this tutorial, we help you to unbrick/repair Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo using the stock firmware. Your phone will turn down to its native operating system, just like a newly purchased handset.

If you’re on custom firmware or recovery, then those will be replaced with stock aspects. Flashing the stock firmware helps to repair the device from all sorts of OS related issues. That includes boot loop, boot stuck, system crashes, instability, and so on. Surely that doesn’t end the list. Mostly these errors occur due to unstable and unhealthy operating system. There can be many reasons behind the scene. Your Galaxy J7 Duo has malfunctioned due to unstable custom firmware, bad applications, virus and so on. If something has happened don’t panic. We have explained and detailed several troubleshooting methods to help repair the bricked Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo.

Before you straight jump to reset the OS on your phone, we recommend trying some common troubleshooting steps. Most of the minor/major issues can be sorted by these simple troubleshooting. Of course, we have detailed them below. Each method that we describe while this tutorial is official. And it won’t hurt or void the warranty of your phone in any manner. However, these troubleshooting methods are helpful till the problem is within the OS. If it is related to hardware in any manner, then you should seek help from the service center. Keep in mind that if you’re using a custom firmware/recovery or if have unlocked the bootloader, you’ll not liable to claim warranty.

There is one more thing that you must know. Since restoring things back may require cleaning your device. It is highly recommended that you back up important stuff. Most likely, stuffed stored under the internal memory will be wiped off completely. And this process cannot be undone. The backup process on Samsung phones is fairly tough. Though their official application; Smart Switch, you can sync or backup files anytime you want. To learn more about this follow – How to backup Samsung Galaxy Phones using Smart Switch. Therefore, back up messages, contacts, photos, and so on.

The troubleshooting methods can be applied to tweaked devices. No matter if you’re on custom firmware or have unlocked the bootloader. You can perform these methods to unbrick your Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo even if you’ve tweaked your phone. We should get started with the process.

unbrick Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo with stock firmware

How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo

These are easy to understand and apply. If you’re completely new to this, that won’t much tough for you. As have already discussed above that we have different troubleshooting methods to repair/unbrick Galaxy J7 Duo:

1. Use the Safe-Mode to remove toxic apps

If your has malfunctioned post installing an application/s then you can remove them safely through the Safe-Mode. There are many useful modes that Android OS has to offer.

The Safe mode is one of them. It helps you to run phone in a minimalistic mode, where all third-party applications/services turned off. In this mode, only System applications work and other aspects remain off.

That gives you an option to disable or remove all applications that could have caused malfunctioned the phone. We recommend you to remove applications and files that have caused your phone output errors using this mode.

Here is how you can boot into Safe-Mode and remove toxic apps/files from Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo:

  1. Turn On your phone.
  2. Now, press and hold the Power button to access Power Off options.
  3. Once these options appeared on the display, tap and hold the Power Off icon for a few seconds.
  4. Soon, it will serve you an option to boot into the Safe Mode.
  5. Now, you should be in Safe Mode. Uninstall the application and remove the files that you think as suspicious.
  6. Restart your phone.

In this way, one can safely remove toxic apps and files. This mode is not much popular yet it can be very helpful in such tough situations. If you are facing performance related issues then we recommend you to take actions mentioned in below tutorial:

2. Perform a Hard Reset (Factory reset)

Many problems can be solved without flashing the stock firmware. However, for that, you have to take some major actions. That includes a factory reset or hard reset.

If you perform a factory reset on Galaxy J7 Duo, it will wipe out your phone completely and turn it into a factory fresh piece. It resets all the aspects including custom settings, third-party apps and so on. But, it won’t have any effect on custom ROM and recovery.

It simply wipes the internal memory; stuff including messages, downloaded documents, videos, photos and everything stored in the internal memory.

So, before you begin with performing a factory reset make sure to back up the important stuff. Follow the below instructions to hard reset (factory reset) your Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo:

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Boot your phone into the recovery mode – press and hold Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons at once for a few seconds.
  3. You’ll soon in recovery mode – basically, this mode serves maintenance related options.
  4. Under this menu – tap on “wipe data/factory reset“. Perform this action.
  5. Reboot your phone – tap on Reboot system now.

Soon your phone will boot up to the home screen. It should settle most of the problems. If you did follow above two methods with no positive results, then you might want to reset the Android OS.

Flashing a stock firmware is one of the methods to reset the Android software.

3. Flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo

This is the last shot that you can perform. And it works most of the time. It removes all components of the OS and replaces them with the stock version.

In simple terms, it downgrades your phone to its native operating system. It removes all problems related to the operating system. To perform this action, there are some prerequisites and preparations to be followed.

  • You need a Windows-based laptop/desktop to perform this troubleshooting with an internet connection.
  • Make sure to install the USB Drivers of your phone on your laptop/desktop. That will help establish an appropriate connection between mobile and computer. Download the Samsung USB Drivers from →here.
  • Download the Odin flashing tool from →here. Extract the content of the zip file to obtain .exe file. This tool is widely used to update the firmware on Samsung’s devices.
  • Download the official stock firmware for Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo from →here. Make sure to put a right model number to download the correct firmware. To check model number tap on Settings->About Phone->Model number. Extract the content of the zip file to obtain .md5 file (firmware file).

That is all you need to flash stock firmware on Galaxy J7 Duo and unbrick it. Follow the below instructions to downgrade your phone to its native software:

  1. From the extracted folder of Odin software, run Odin program by tapping twice on .exe (program) file. That opens an Odin window like below: Odin3 v3.12.7 open snap
  2. Now, turn off your phone using the Power Off button.
  3. Once it is off completely, boot into the Download mode – press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power buttons together till the Samsung logo appears on the screen. You should be in download mode soon.
  4. Though a USB cable, connect your phone to PC. The Odin program will detect your phone and the ID:COM section will turn blue. If that doesn’t happen then try to re-install the USB Drivers and try again.
  5. To flash the stock firmware, tap on AP button and update the downloaded firmware file (.md5 file) from the extracted firmware files.
  6. Tap on ‘Start‘ button to being the flashing process.
  7. It can take several minutes to complete. Soon, a PASS message will appear. Now, take off your phone.
The Conclusion

In this way, one can flash the stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo phone. Now, your phone should work normally. All bugs and issues should have been removed. For the very first boot up your phone might take some time. Which is normal and happens usually.

That ends our tutorial how to unbrick Galaxy J7 Duo using the stock firmware here. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views in our comment section. Also, if you know other methods to address such issues, then please share with us.

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