How to Unbrick LG G4 with stock firmware

Sometimes it happens that we try to tweak our devices in numerous ways and ended up with a bricked device. Well its good to be a tricky but sometimes it can be very hard to revive that device to its normal working condition. Nowadays, custom Roms, third-party mods etc., are becoming very popular and so as the risk and possibilities to get bricked as well. Here in this tutorial, we’ll help you to unbrick  or repair your LG G4 with stock firmware or simply downgrade it to stock firmware.

However starting to this far, the best way to get the device back to its working state is to downgrade it to stock firmware. That means, you can simply install stock firmware to repair your device from bricked condition.

LG G4 is being so popular these days and it being customized with third-party Roms and Mods, uses of which may cause to work in improper way, there could be unknown bugs, lags and sometimes conditions could be bad as bricked. If you have bricked your LG G4 smart phone, then this guide will be use full to you to make it work again.

Install stock firmware is best way to unbrick the Android device, it also very useful in may other cases such as lags, bugs, facing app crashing issue, probably best for boot stuck problem, and many more. Also see our: Best Custom Roms for LG G4for best performance, and user experience. Lets get started with the process and together make your LG G4 work again.


  • Check your model number and make sure to note it down somewhere. Check the model number of your device under, phone’s Settings->About->Model.
  • Remember that installing this Rom will remove everything which is stored under the phone’s memory. Your device will go through a complete wipe out that cannot be undone.
  • You need a PC with internet connectivity to download required files and a USB cable to connect your device to PC.

For backup purpose, follow our below guides:


Now stock firmware is available for below listed models for LG G4 smart phone. So you must first check the model number of your device under, under phone’s settings.

Remember, download the .tot/.kdz file. 

*More will be added soon or you can check here to see if new firmware have been added.

→ Download the Lg Flash tool from here. Download the flash tool zip file and extract it your PC and remember it.

→ Get the Lg drivers from here. Install these drivers so that your device can connect to computer appropriately. In case your device doesn’t show up on PC, then you must take it out, install the drivers again and try it out again. Now, it should work.

Now, let’s go ahead and install stock firmware on G4 to unbrick it!

How to install stock firmware on LG G4

  1. Enter into the download mode, you can do by pressing and holding Volume down button while connecting it to PC using USB cable.
  2. Now, on PC launch LG flash tool by tapping LGFlashTool2014.exe twice and following screen will appear,LG Flash Tool
  3. Once launched, hereby choose CDMA type.
  4. Under “Select Kdz file”, find and locate the downloaded firmware file.
  5. Now select “Normal Flash” and on next screen don’t make any changes.
  6. Click “Start” button to start the procedure. * Do not interrupt in process while process is going on, it could damage your device.

That’s it!

You’ve successfully unbrick your LG G4 from bricked condition. Now your phone will turn on and will start to home screen. Enter your Google account to start with your LG G4 and don’t forget to share this post if it helped you in any way.

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  1. Hello Deepak,
    Thanks for your help.
    But y question is this:
    If I have chosen the wrong kdz file for example: H815 instead of the H811 kdz file. And I’m getting a Qualcomm HS 9008 mode on the USB port and the screen goes dark. No way to boot into download/recovery to flash the correct ROM.
    What do I do to unbrick?
    I’m in that situation right now.

    1. Hi jean, it seems that you’ve bricked the Snapdragon’s bootloader and this guide won’t be help you until you unbrick it first. I would recommned to you to visit this post,
      It will help you to sort out this issue.

  2. I have done these steps for my LG G4 (h815) but it does not read the device in download mode. I did download the drivers but nothing is working. What could be the issue?

  3. Hi Deepak , Is there anyway by which i can get the data stored in the phone. The data is very important for me. My lg G4 is stuck on bootloop. It randomly booted once but as soon as i opened an application it again went into bootloop. My phone is not rooted and if i do factory reset it freezes and goes into bootloop. Please tell me how can i get the data stored in the internal memory. Thanks!

    1. Hello Parth,

      I understand your concern regarding the back up. If you can boot into recovery mode or you can install custom CWM recovery, then boot into recovery mode, under ‘Mounts and Storage’ from the list select “Mount USB Storage.

      Now try connecting your handset to PC and your phone will connected as USB mass storage device and then you’d be able to back up your important stuff! I hope it would help you!

      1. Hi Deepak,

        Thanks for the reply but the thing is my phone is not rooted and i can go into recovery mode but it only has one option i.e. of factory data reset. Can u suggest any other way by which i can get the data from my phone and also all the data is in the internal memory of the G4.

        1. In case you can visit the service station, I think they would be able to help you.

          Or you can first install custom recover then follow the mentioned steps.!

    1. Hi faisal, you could do it but it may cause issues with connectivity features and SIM service. Best course of action would be to avoid this replacement.

  4. Hi I updated my lg g4 to android marshmallow . After the update it started the bootloop issue . And now I tried flashing it but can’t since whenever I try to flash my lg g4 it just gets stuck on download mode which my pc wont be able to read . Hoping of soon reply !!

  5. helo bro my lg g4 h811 t mobile i update 6.0 but my camra and call Unfortunately why i am very sad

  6. hi. i did this but when i start my updating i get an error at 9% which says that “updating stoped due to an error” can you tell me what im doing wrong?

  7. hello, once the flashing gets to 100%, my flashtool says something like app stopped working and the only option is to “close program”. any solutions?

  8. ok thanks, again, i used lgup software but the phone ddnt boot after a successful flashing, i even formated it….same problem, stuck at boot logo. LG G4.

  9. Hello Deepak my name is Jesse I have an LGG4 HLG H 811 T mobile last I remember it was charged at 89% in 10 min my phone was dead I removed battery I even try charging it nothing until I connected to my pc it comes up under my device manager Qualcomm HS -USB QDloader (COM3) any suggestion since this phone does not turn on or go into recovery mode???

  10. In my settings it shows H815K and is running on Android 6.0 although when I open the back on the battery and inside it says H815 also the root checker app says it is H815 model. I have an Australian G4 and not sure what to do? if I flash a kdz for H815 will it brick the phone or will it work correctly. Thanks

  11. i had my lg g4 h811 on v20p the latest firmware to date. one day it just stuck on LG logo. i tried lgup software with latest kdz. phone connected with usb on download mode. software worked, everything went fine till 80% then came the restart phone process. my phone again stuck on lg logo. I tried changing ports from com 7 to com41. . The process just finishes all the way.
    what happend to my my fone. ????

  12. Good day.

    I bought a LG G4 us991. I thought it would work prefectly in my region however after setting it up I have noticed that everything works well except mobile data. I can make and receive calls but I can not connect to mobile data. I then realised that I should have bought the international version which is LG H815. Therefore I am asking is if I can get firmware to have the phone changed from US991 to H815. If it is possible,where to fine such a firmware and the instructions to complete the task successfully?

    1. Hello,

      You just need to contact your carrier to set your APN. Some apps or google search can provide you also APN settings.
      Works for me. I use a LS991 in Switzerland.


  13. Hello Sir. Goodday. I got the LG H815p and its dead completely, however when i connect it to the PC i get a sound and it says QUALCOMM USB 9008 or something like that. How can i wake the phone up again??? any help would be highly appreciated. thanks in advance

  14. Well,My LG G4-H810 is not booting up,it’s not showing any light and doesn’t even blink.How can I put it on download mode in this condition.When I connect it with my Pc,Pc does try to read the device.Can I not install it using flash tool or speedtrum?

    1. Hi Anzal,

      Seems you’ve hard bricked your phone. It is somewhat common with LG G4 devices. You must take this device to service center. That should help you.

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