How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

If hundreds of people do some customization to their Android phone then possibly, only 80% people get succeeded in first time but remaining people fails and get their device bricked or damaged. Most probably the best way to get to solved is to use some unbrick or repairing guide. If you have recently got your Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001 bricked then this guide will help you to get back it normal state in very simple to use method.

No matter how exactly you follow the customization or installation guide, sometime nothing works and you’ve found your device damaged or in non working state. To make work like before, best way is to just flash the stock firmware to it, so it could be turned to original and completely working state.  But to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S plus, we will not going to flash the stock firmware, instead of it will flash “AriesVE.ops” and CWM .tar file using Odin program to get it back to normal condition.

This method works all  problems such as, brick, stuck at booting, boot loops, unnatural behavior and something like crap. This will restore the phone to normal state, all features, apps and options will be same like what you have before brick. So without wasting more time, lets bring back your Samsung Galaxy Plus S to its working state using this unbrick guide.

You need a Windows-based (Xp, Windows 7 or Windows 8) PC or laptop in order to perform this unbrick. Because we will use Odin program which only works on Windows-based PC. I hope you’ll manage it.

Internet connectivity, so you can download the flashing package and Odin program. Download the flashing package from here(WORKED2.rar) and extract it some place. You’ll get two files under it, one is AriesVE.ops and other is “recovery-clockwork-″. Remember these two files, we need them.

Download the Odin Multi Downloader Program from here.(Odin Multi Downloader v4.43.exe)

Make sure that you have installed USB drivers of your device to PC otherwise Odin will not detect your device. You can visit here to download the Samsung USB drivers.

How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

  1. Lets start the work. On your PC, run the Odin program by clicking on it. Left the opened window.
  2. Now turn off the device and wait for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power buttons together to get into Download Mode and the plug it to PC using USB cable.
  4. When you connect your Phone to PC, loot onto the Odin program, you’ll see that under “Com Port mapping”, the box will turn to yellow. It indicates that phone has been detected correctly, and if nothing happens then install USB driver again.
  5. Now on Odin, select the “OPS” then locate the “AriesVE.ops”. Check the “One Package” option then at below press the “One Package” then locate the  ”recovery-clockwork-″ file from the extracted files.
  6. Don’t make any other changes. Now press the “Start” button and let is finish.

The process may take up to 15 minutes to complete, so don’t get panic on that. When it finishes, your phone will reboot itself and take you to home screen very soon. So you have successfully managed to unbrick your device. So that’s all about our guide on how to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001.

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