Understanding The Bitcoin Ecosystem- Here Is All You Need To Know

The Bitcoin pricing is definitely volatile but many things affect the pricing system and help it to fluctuate like an unbalanced boat on the sea. It looks like Bitcoin Affectes will drown any moment, but at other times it looks like they will make it defiantly against the strong waves and currents that go against it at sea. It then looks like a lone hero on the vast sea fighting very bravely.

The vast sea is the market and the lone hero is the cryptocurrencies that are doing the rounds of the market. But there are many factors that are driving the boat on the sea. Read on to know further in detail.

The Various Components of The Bitcoin Ecosystem- Points To Note

An ecosystem is made up of many components that together comprise the system. The various components in the Bitcoin ecosystem are the miners, traders, merchants, hoarders and consumers. Together they make up the Bitcoin ecosystem and one small movement any way among these components and the whole system starts shaking. Sometimes the shake is rough and sometimes it is smooth.

The Hierarchy In The Bitcoin Ecosystem

In the hierarchy of the Bitcoin ecosystem at the top are the miners who mine the Bitcoins. They remain at the top because with their efforts and hard work Bitcoins are created after solving hugely complex algorithms that involve a global network of computers and miners. With each Bitcoin mined, a miner gets 12.5 Bitcoins that are halved every 4 years. 

Then come the traders who occupy the second slot in the ecosystem. They too work hard to make profits from the Bitcoins that are mined by the miners. They make this profit via the Bitcoin-to-fiat currency cycle by means of controlling it.

Next in line are the merchants who cling to the traders for the fiat currencies that they have in their possession. But here it is to be noted that one person can play multiple roles in the Bitcoin ecosystem. One person who mines the Bitcoin can in turn be the trader and then be a merchant himself.

One more step lower down in the hierarchy are the hoarders. They are the people who believe that if they can hoard the Bitcoins and hold onto them strongly then they will make it big one day in the system. It is because of such hoarders that 55-73% of all Bitcoins are lying dormant and inactive in the blockchain

The last in line is the consumers who are the ordinary people with good intentions of spending Bitcoins to buy goods or services. It does not matter how these consumers have got hold of the Bitcoins.

Functioning of The Bitcoin Ecosystem- An Overview

The Bitcoin ecosystem works with the working of Bitcoins. For that, you must first understand how Cryptocurrency works. Basically speaking, Bitcoins work on the blockchain technology that has done away with a centralized control. With the elimination of this factor, the transfer of Bitcoins has become less costly. In fact, no costs are involved in its transfer.

Due to becoming a completely digital form of cryptocurrency, at times, there remains the chances of hackers and scammers getting access to your traded Bitcoin. In such cases, when planning for Bitcoin investments, you should only rely on Bitcoin Era, a trusted online crypto trading platform; there, your investments are absolutely and completely safe and secure.

Although the owners of the Bitcoins are anonymous to each other, yet their transactions are public in the blockchain system where all the transactions by the nodes placed globally, are stored in public ledgers. It becomes legitimate once it’s verified by the system and there is no way that you can go back on it. You have to take ownership of the transaction and enjoy the profit if there is one and similarly face the losses if there are any. In this way, the Bitcoin ecosystem is a bit different from the other Cryptocurrencies. 


The entire world is still in a dilemma as to whether Bitcoin can be considered to be a real currency or not. But cryptocurrencies have miles to go before theycan be established in the mainstream of economics of any country though they are slowly gaining in popularity and usage.

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