Unlocking Your Phone’s Gaming Potential: A Guide

Playing games is a fun way to pass the time. Many find that gaming is an effective way to relax and occupy their mind with something else. There are countless studies on the correlation between gaming and mental health benefits.

Whether it be after work or on the weekend, many will switch on their favourite gaming console to pass the time and unwind after a busy day or week. However, when travelling, some might find themselves itching to play a game or two to help them pass the time.

Fortunately, a few popular handheld consoles are perfect for long journeys. Of course, not everyone has the funds to purchase another console. As such, many will want to use the next best device – their mobile phone.

With the vast majority of individuals owning a mobile phone, it is finding ways to optimise their phone’s potential when playing games. If you are looking for ways to unlock your phone’s gaming potential, keep reading to find a few tips to try.

Use A Fast Internet Connection

Unsurprisingly, when playing online games, you will need an internet connection. Some games might be able to operate without an internet connection, whilst others need it for you to play and progress throughout the game. When playing an online game, ensure a fast internet connection. You will quickly notice the difference it makes when you experience a slow internet connection when playing a game.

A slow internet connection can be frustrating for gamers. Even on a console, having a slow internet connection can impact gameplay, and the enjoyment individuals want from a game. It could be a lag in gameplay or buffering at critical moments in the game. These sudden interruptions can cause individuals to lose interest and become frustrated at the game. Having a fast and stable internet connection can help ensure you can enjoy the game.

Check Your Settings

With a fast internet connection secured, consider checking the settings on your phone. Of course, your phone will likely be set with the default factory settings. Whilst these settings are ideal for daily use, you might consider switching up the settings if you are hoping to optimise your phone’s gaming potential. Some of these settings can have an impact on the quality of the game.

There are some settings that each mobile phone manufacturer enables on their phone that can impact the quality of gaming. Spend time seeing what settings you can change on your specific device to help improve gameplay quality. For instance, with an Android device, there is an option called multisample anti-aliasing which helps enhance the quality of a game. However, it also impacts the game’s performance. Mobile phones that are not powerful enough to play the game in this mode can suffer from a poor gaming experience. Turning it off could make a positive and noticeable difference in gameplay. It is worth trying to see if it makes a difference to your phone when playing a game.

Consider The Sound

After altering the settings to improve the visual aspect of gameplay, consider also changing the audio. The sound used within a game adds to the game’s overall experience. It can help to enhance the feeling of fear during a horror game. Sound can create tension during a suspenseful scene and help to create a calming atmosphere in relaxing games. Although you are playing these games on your phone, you can still experience the impact of sound on a game.

Look into your audio settings and consider turning on the Dolby Atmos surround sound. Check if your device supports this before embarking on the mission to turn it on. Additionally, if you are travelling on the commute, consider your choice of headphones. This will also help to ensure you can block out the noise of the atmosphere around you and enjoy the game.

Compare Top Games

One thing you might notice when playing numerous games on your mobile, not all games are best designed to be played on a mobile device. However, a few games have been carefully designed and produced to be compatible with mobile devices. Their features and gameplay are well-designed to create an enjoyable gaming experience for users. These games are often the most top-rated in app stores. The high ratings entice other mobile game users to try. Some of them might even sway you into downloading.

Aside from some of the most popular mobile games, you might look at a few web-based games. Players can try countless web-based games, such as Wordle, when on the move. You can visit sites like Online Casino Review for their selection of online casinos, online slots and countless other innovative games, some of which will be played at a live dealer casino. Ensure you are wise with your spending when playing online casino games, and only spend what you can afford to lose. This will help you enjoy the thrill of online casinos.

Clear Your Phone Of Junk

A slow mobile phone can be frustrating. Whether it freezes, lags or takes what feels like a century to switch between apps, no one enjoys waiting for their mobile phone to load. Often, the cause of these delays comes from our phones being too cluttered. It could be the number of apps we have, images, videos and other features that consume the space on our mobile phones.

The limited space on our mobile phones can also impact the quality of gameplay, causing delays and lags to occur there as well. As such, spend some time clearing your mobile phone of junk. Delete unused apps, remove information no longer needed and consider storing some of your images on an external hard drive. These small changes can clear up space on your phone, which helps to improve how it performs.

Get Ready To Play

After implementing some of the tips mentioned above, you can begin gaming on your phone. With your selection of games at the ready, you can begin playing one when you have some spare time or on a long commute. As long as you have a portable charger or are close to a charging point in case your battery runs low, you can immerse yourself into one of the many games you can play on your phone. Keep some of the tips mentioned above in mind when looking for ways to optimise your phone’s gaming performance. They can have a positive impact on your mobile gaming experience.

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