Varieties of historical games for Android

Almost every player among mobile gaming has at least once thought of some valuable find. Often one game gets boring after a while and the moment constantly comes when it’s time to change one game to another. Those who have been seriously and consciously interested in the world of mobile games know there are an absolute multitude of types and themes of games. And some who have been avoiding this parallel world for some time suddenly discover the fact it is not so alien, and ignoring it and rejecting it means missing a whole layer of quite real and vivid impressions. In other words, there is a huge variety of mobile games and you can choose one that suits your own tastes – from hyper-casual puzzles to primitive strategies about farms, gardens and vegetable gardens. There is everything can interest both ordinary gamers and nerds who are difficult to please.

For example, for those who are definitely expanding their horizons and striving for development, addictive puzzles, puzzles where you can create your own subway lines or come up with melodies, may be suitable. Obviously, this is far from an exhaustive list of options, in the mysterious world of gaming there is also such a find as historical games. Historical games among mobile gaming are indeed loved and revered by many, both children and adults.

Games of this genre are divided into different eras, different types of civilizations and includes many peoples and sets of strategies. This is true, the variety of such games is quite large. For example, among children’s historical games, one can single out the game Wind-up Knight. Its specificity lies in the fact you play in the Middle Ages as a brave and kind knight who saves a beautiful lady. The atmosphere and design of the game itself includes the theme of the Middle Ages, which is the main topic of the review.

How sometimes you want to lift the veil of millennia and look into this wonderful world full of real and imaginary wonders! Well, try to try on the image of a great hero, commander, king, or even the offspring of Zeus the Thunderer. You can immerse yourself in the Ancient Greek world, mythology, and also get acquainted here with various Greek symbols, each of which hides mystery and mysticism and has passed through millennia of history with dignity.

There are games based on ancient myths and legends. We can say that such a theme of games has long been an integral part of our culture. Many people are interested in stories about brave and courageous heroes fighting gods and insidious, sometimes mythological monsters. There are quite a lot of similar games and new ones are released quite regularly. So, you can always find a couple of applications to your taste.

In some games, an exciting atmosphere has been created that inspires fear and anxiety when fighting a monster or in a clash of gods.

If you are more interested in the quiet and calm theme of Greece, you want to feel the scale of history, you can play Ikariam. This is an actually entertaining strategy game, it is necessary to build small villages similar to ancient Greek ones, as well as establish diplomatic relations with citizens of neighboring policies. You also need to carry out attacks and create alliances. The action takes place on the islands of the archipelago, almost the same size.

If you want to plunge into the fascinating world of ancient Greek legends, you can mention the game Apotheon.

This adventure game is made in the style of drawings and symbols straight from ancient Greek vases and jugs. The protagonist of Apotheon will have to climb the legendary Mount Olympus and fight with the entire pantheon of gods in order to save humanity with pride and courage. Thus, the main character alone conquers famous locations, and the main plot and the key story are made in the spirit of ancient legends.

A unique variant is the Grepolis game. This game is of the online strategy genre. Almost everything that is possible in conventional strategies is available here, except that sometimes it can take quite real years of your life to develop your policy and army. You will not only develop and strengthen settlements on your native island, but also try to repel the attacks of opponents who are eager to grab a tidbit of your territory. And if everything goes smoothly and successfully, then you can try to attack the islands of your neighbors yourself or even make an alliance with them against others.

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