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Visual content plays an important role on the Internet. Scientists claim that our brain is much better at assimilating visual information. Indeed, photographs and pictures are much easier to understand than complex text. Picture instructions are accessible and easy for people to use, no matter what language they speak. No wonder Instagram has become so popular. People enjoy looking at photos of others and sharing their own heartfelt snapshots of their own lives. And for brands, this is a powerful way to attract customers, illustrating products from the best side. In this article, I want to talk about how you can not only publish but also download images from social networks.

New ways to work with social media illustrations

If you’re not just relaxing on Instagram, but also promoting your brand, you may be looking for new ways to use images. Due to the fact that it is the pictures that attract attention, they are more important than ever. This is the first thing a new visitor sees when they land on your page. To work effectively with visual content, you can use the Toolzu online service. With it, you can view Instagram profile pics, as well as save them to your computer and do whatever you want with them.

Toolzu works like an Instagram profile picture downloader. This feature helps you download all the photos from your account at once. To do this, simply write the profile nickname in the search bar on the site. In just a few seconds, you will see all the available images. This works for your personal profile as well as for any other page that is open to the public.

Benefits of a web service:

  • A quick download of profile pictures
  • Maintain original quality and aspect ratio
  • High download speed
  • Complete anonymity
  • Security of your personal data
  • Availability regardless of the device type

Let’s take a closer look at how Toolzu works in practice. You may download photos, videos, profiles, stories, IGTV, and DP. First, you have to choose a public profile nickname. The easiest way is to take some brands (Nike, Vogue, Adidas, or any other that comes to mind). Usually, these are the big companies that spend big budgets on creating advertising and high-quality photos, inviting the world’s best photographers, and using unusual locations. They can serve as a source of inspiration for you. You may borrow photos from ordinary users, professional and amateur photographers, stylists, designers, and creative agencies.

You can download an account avatar (Insta DP feature) to recognize a person or brand. Some pictures are so small in the app that you can’t always see the details. If you select the Download profile pictures option, you can access all the pictures that the user has posted. The main advantage of the service is that it is in the browser. You do not need to install additional software on your smartphone or computer. And for those users who are used to using a PC or laptop, this is an ideal solution. It is not always convenient to download something to your phone and then send it to your computer if you need a larger screen.

Three reasons to use Insta profile picture downloader

If you add the service to your bookmarks in your browser and come back to it from time to time, you can enjoy the following useful features:

  • Follow the audience and filter it. You will be able to see who your followers really are, even if they have closed their profile and you cannot follow a closed account through the app.
  • You can check strangers who send you messages through apps or new messages. Even those who hide their face are now open to you.
  • If someone has blocked you, you can still follow their updates through the web service in the browser, while maintaining your anonymity. An in-app ban will not prevent you from following them through a third-party resource.

All in all, Toolzu provides you a never-before-seen opportunity for working with images on Instagram. Now you can freely save any images you like to your computer, smartphone or tablet and send it to your friends not through the application, but through instant messengers. But if you want to use the picture for commercial purposes, remember that it is worth notifying the author or linking to his profile in order to avoid accusations of copyright infringement.

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