VPN For A Mobile Device: Do You Need It?

Nowadays, we live in a world connected through the Internet. There is nothing that the global network cannot access. Of course, this is a great advantage, especially taking into account how fast people can now solve everyday tasks and overcome challenges. Thanks to mobile devices, all the routines can be fulfilled on the go.

However, such availability of connection with the global network imposes certain dangers that lead to the loss of money or valuable information. According to the Cooltechzone review, the installation of a reliable and technologically suitable VPN service can help reduce the risks and provide additional protection for your mobile device. Let us first estimate the dangers you have probably not thought about.

What Is Behind Being Online 24/7?

Your mobile device is constantly connected to the Internet. This is convenient as your emails are regularly synched, while your messengers notify you of a message almost immediately after you get one. Thus, the exchange of data between your cell phone and the web does not stop even if you don’t use it. Email and bank applications contain the most valuable data for every person. Just imagine that data can be intercepted during a regular update of an application or when you use it.

Aside from that, being connected to a public network imposes additional threats. For instance, one may get access to your device through a WLAN that is always on. What’s next? This depends on their intentions. One may install a virus or software that will block your device unless you pay money. Alternatively, getting access to financial data, intruders can transfer money from your accounts.

Another danger is connected with the use of a mobile device for corporate purposes. Companies invest huge money to protect their servers. However, the channel that criminals use to get access to corporate networks is your cell phone. No one would deny that it is always better to quickly reply to an email from a mobile device instead of waiting to get to the office. In these cases, report to the management that you use a cell phone for corporate emails for measures to be taken to protect the network of your company.

Is VPN a Solution?
Is VPN a Solution?

Is VPN a Solution?

The main intention of such services is the creation of an encrypted connection between you and the site you are using. There also will be a server between you and the final destination serving as an intermediary. So, what are the benefits of installing a VPN on your mobile device?

  • Protection: as described above, your device is permanently connected to the Internet. Thanks to the encryption of data by the service, even if an intruder gets the chance to intercept it, this information will be useless. It is close to impossible to decrypt such data. It is unlikely, this person would want to waste so much time. Besides, such services help avoid ransomware attacks that are widely reported by users.
  • Safety for corporate and home networks: it makes sense not only to protect home network and corporate servers but also to ensure that you safely connect to them, otherwise these efforts will be wasted. Whenever an intruder gets access to the net, one may steal confidential information of a company or get access to your home devices. These are not just inconveniences that can be caused. Enterprise risks to lose business while access to your home system may lead to a burglary.
  • Elimination of restrictions: this refers to limitations that are set in the region where you reside. Besides, while traveling, there will be no problem with connecting your device to a resource you are used to.
  • Increased bandwidth for video streaming and calls: this benefit can be ensured by services that are fast and reliable enough. Thus, users can enjoy simultaneous connections to different resources without compromising the quality and speed of the linkage.
  • Possible DDoS protection: this problem is mostly faced by gamers. Such users should pay particular attention if a certain service ensures DDoS protection for the trouble-free gaming experience.

Which Service to Choose

When it comes to the choice of a VPN for an Android device, the range is not as wide as with a regular VPN for a PC. To ensure the permanent protection of your mobile device, it is necessary to solve the challenge of the changing connection endpoint. Devices are likely to switch from WLAN to mobile connection. This creates certain difficulties. That is why the choice of a reliable service is crucial to protect personal data. Here are a few services to consider.

Which VPN Service to Choose?
Which VPN Service to Choose?

1. ExpressVPN

Users admit that the speed of this service is impressive. More than 3,000 servers in more than 160 locations in addition to 30 thousand available IP addresses — these are the figures that speak for themselves. One can utilize the possibility of a free trial 3-months period. The application is user-friendly, as well as has a location picker, insecure network detection, and a kill switch.

2. VyprVPN

The provider is based in Switzerland and can boast of more than 200,000 IP addresses available to users on more than 700 servers. One can connect up to five devices. It offers an in-house developed protocol called Chameleon along with well-known OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. The application is recognized as one of the most convenient for users.

3. NordVPN

On the Google Play Market, the application has been downloaded for more than 5 million times. This is surefire proof of its recognition among Android users. There are more than 5,500 servers available to the clients of the service. One of the key benefits is its Double VPN technology thanks to which your connection will be passed through two separate servers.

Despite the choice of a service you are going to make, it is crucial to remember that your mobile device contains a lot of valuable information that should be protected. A VPN, reliable passwords, regularly updated antivirus are the top three measures you should take to ensure the safeguarding of your cell phone.

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