6 Ways For Online Dating Service To Grow During Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made humans long for a re-connection with loved ones after not being able to step out of their houses for months. People became lonely and started craving for a deeper companionship – they started craving love. This demand has boosted the business potential for online dating sites.

The pandemic made several people get a deeper sense of purpose and understand the importance of relationships. So, people have decided to look for partners on various online dating platforms. Online dating businesses that were set up to meet the needs of these people benefitted the most in all of this. If you run an online dating business, then this article will help you seize the opportunity to grow your platform during the pandemic.

A Few Cases to Look At

By providing the basic needs such as helping a man looking to settle down and start a family in finding a Ukrainian bride, online dating platforms were able to rake in a lot of cash in revenue. For example, Okcupid saw a 700% increase in the number of virtual dates that were set up. Tinder also had its day on the 29th of March with over 3 billion swipes in one day.

Selective Search has successfully set up 15 marriages this year and the number of people messaging one another via Hinge increased by 30%. Having seen these numbers, as a business owner, the million-dollar question is, “In what ways can an online dating service grow during a pandemic?” Let’s dive in.

How to Grow an Online Dating Service During a Pandemic

1. Redesigning the Platform’s User Interface with the End User in Mind

6 Ways For Online Dating Service To Grow During Pandemic

The purpose of online dating is to help people find their love interests. How else can a person know if they are interested in being with a particular person if not by communication? So, for an online dating platform to thrive, the user interface (U.I) should have features that help make communication between users seamless. It should also have no pop-up ads (if possible) and a decluttered notifications panel.

The interface should be customizable to an extent. This makes users feel as if they are in control, which will in turn make them stay on the platform for long. It should also look enticing by using bright colors. In that way, people are encouraged to use the platform more often.

2. Highlighting the Convenience Of Virtual Dating During Marketing

Before people use a site, they need to be assured of the benefits. Before now, video meetings/ chats were never a priority for users on online dating platforms. But with the pandemic, the need to see the people they are interacting with before physically meeting them has become dire. So, an online dating platform with a video call option is preferred by users.

Online dating services looking to grow during a pandemic should avail users of this video call option. Equally importantly, they should let users know that this option exists in their marketing. Since not many platforms have implemented it, this is the best time to do so and let potential customers know about it. It may just swing things in your favor.

3. Implementing Innovative Ideas To Fit Users Needs

Online dating business owners should listen to their users’ feedback because no matter how perfect a site may seem to its owners, there will definitely be some areas that need improvement. An online dating platform should provide an avenue to gather users’ feedback and make changes where necessary. In the dating business, the users are of utmost importance because without them, there will be no business.

The customer’s satisfaction should always be the top priority. Besides, users feel more comfortable when they know that airing their views on an app or website won’t make them lose their privileges. So, there should be an active feedback channel or a virtual assistant to answer all the users’ questions and solve their problems in real-time.

4. Leveraging on the Health Benefits of Online Dating During Pandemics

The fear of getting infected is one reason why singles run to the internet to find partners. Meeting online or ordering a mail order bride does not put anybody in danger healthwise while still being a sure way to meet people from different places.

This is a great pitch to get people hooked on online dating services. Users should be reassured of the health hazards they may be avoided just by using online dating services instead of going old-school.

5. Taking Advantage of the Speed Dating Culture

Online dating services should provide a wide range of options for users to choose from. They should also encourage the speed dating culture as singles like to meet a lot of people at the same time and get to choose the one they are interested in. Online dating services should also provide options based on age group, location, subscription type, etc.

Niching down an online dating platform to accommodate just a particular group of people is also a great option as some people feel safer only when they are with their kind.

6. Reassuring Users Of Their Privacy

6 Ways For Online Dating Service To Grow During Pandemic

One problem users have with online dating services is the fear of their information getting sold to marketers. This is generally seen as an invasion of their privacy. To appeal to users during a lockdown, online dating services should not have third party risks.

Users’ information, chats, calls and pictures should be kept private. If possible, there should be legal consequences for users who sell other users’ information. The site should be protected from the activities of scammers by properly scrutinizing profiles for traces of fraudulent or malicious behavior. When a couple online does decide to meet, there should be safety recommendations put in place by the dating service.

This kind of reassurance is all a user needs to stay on a site and refer other people to that site. With the way information is being bought daily, it will be great for users to have a sense of security and freedom on dating sites.


Nowadays, almost all aspects of living are going digital, and dating isn’t an exception. The future of meeting people might just be online dating with social distancing becoming the new normal. The impact of the novel COVID-19 disease has been felt by everyone, especially singles. It has also simultaneously created a longing for companionship in people. Online dating platforms should leverage this demand to ensure that people meet and build relationships.

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