Ways to Get More Out of Android 12

From the start, Android has been dedicated to personalization and allowing users to choose the device, experience, and service that suits their tastes and needs. By offering an open ecosystem that supports choice, Android supports over three billion devices worldwide.

Android 12 features everything you love about this operating system and focuses on developing a deeply personal phone which adapts to the user. In the process, Android delivers a secure operating system by default, with a private design that makes all your devices work better.

The first public beta for Android 12 is now available to everyone who wants to test the new operating system with Google with a compatible device. Along with this beta, Google announced a range of new features that users can expect before the official release of this operating system later this year. That includes a new Android TV remote, enhanced privacy controls, and the biggest change to Android’s overall look.

Digging through Android 12, here some of the best-hidden features that we’ve found useful and will help you get the most out of this operating system include:

One-Handed Mode For Big Phones

While the new one-handed mode included in Android 12 might not be its headlining feature, it’s among the features that might make a huge difference in the way people use their smartphones. That’s especially for people who prefer big displays for a great betting experience, while playing games at the Betway mobile betting app and handling other tasks. There are more betting apps that we can find these days.

With the one-handed mode, the top half of what’s on your screen moves to the bottom half and makes it easier to tap a notification or the quick settings app. The mode is easy to use as the Betway app, as you’ll only need to place your finger on the small bar at the bottom of your smartphone’s screen and swipe down. You might need a few tries to figure out how the mode works, but once you have the gesture figured out, it’s easy to reproduce.

Easy to Find the Notification History

We’ve all cleared a notification without even reading it. With Android 12, you’ll get a notification history for your device, unlike in the previous versions which needed you to install a third-party app to easily find unless you know where to look.

You’ll only need to scroll until the bottom of the notification shade and you’ll see the new history button. However, if you find the manage button instead of the Notification history, that means the option isn’t turned on but you can do that by tapping on the Manage option.

A Dedicated Gaming Mode

For those who play lots of games using their smartphones, you’ll like to know that Android is now offering a dedicated gaming mode with their new OS. When turned on, your smartphone will be able to automatically switch on the do not disturb function while you play the games. However, you’ll hardly notice the mode if you don’t venture deep into your smartphone’s notification settings.

To activate the mode, go to your notification settings, select the Do Not Disturb option, and choose schedules. Once you’re there, find the box next to the Game Mode and switch it on. You can also press the settings gear icon to see the options available with the game mode, including displaying your current FPS, live streaming on YouTube, and screen recording toggle.

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