Web Localization – Ticket to Access the Global Market

We have come a long way since our Internet dial-up days. Lately, it is all about wanting everything at your fingertips. Whether it is ordering food, catching a quick ride home or finding out where the nearest new movie is playing, technology has made all these tasks a child’s play. Imagine if these every-day-to-day tasks were not so simple.

Imagine attempting to purchase those new shoes online that everyone is raving about only to see that website is available only in Dutch. You finally found those last two tickets of the blockbuster superhero movie you have been wanting to see only to find out that the website only accepts PayPal, a payment method that is still not available in many third world countries yet.

Technology has made everything extremely convenient in our lives. We really do not take the time to think about how this is being done. Website localization is not as straightforward as hitting that translate button you see on your social media pages. Therefore, more businesses are taking the professional help of website localization services to help them implement their global initiative.

Top 5 Benefits of Website Localization

1. Increase Your Market Share

Your product is currently available to your customers in your home ground. You developed a solution that fits the cultural, linguistic, and style requirements of your market. However, does it meet the standards of a global audience? By localizing into just one language, you open your product to a new and potentially bigger market. It is about accessibility – if a customer cannot understand how your product or service helps them, how will they be convinced to part with their money?

2. Competitive Advantage

You are not the only person offering your product in the market. On top of that, if you only offer your product in English, then you might as well say goodbye to any future revenue. You want to stay milestones ahead of your competition, and one way is by localizing your product.

3. Increase in Revenue

If just 25.3% of the global population is using the internet in English, think of all those customers you are potentially missing out on. Even by offering your content in one other language besides English, you can potentially open a door for a new million customers. All those extra customers and market share are bound to lead to a sizable increase in your company’s revenue.

4. Build Customer Support

A survey conducted by the EU, 9 out of 10 internet users said they would choose to use a website in their own language if it is available. What does this tell us? Customers are looking for products, however, it is more beneficial to them when offered in their native language. This results in a win-win situation for both parties, your business seems more approachable in the global market and your consumer gets access to a wider range of products.

5. Mitigate Cultural Sensitivity

Some brands tend to skip the localization process and simply translate; this can prove as the biggest flaw as they expand into a new market. Customers appreciate companies who take the time to pay attention to the small details. This can be as simple as changing the colors of the graphic content or even just the formatting of the date. It is this step of adapting the best-fit solution for your target audience to help make an impact in the global market.

Why Future-Trans?

For more than two decades, the team at Future-Trans has been dedicated to providing excellent services in the translation industry. Being an all-in-one language service provider, they offer an array of services for your website localization. With over 1500+ translators at your service, they offer localization in over 120 languages and more than 10 leading business sectors.

The Final Word

In today’s day and age, it has become a necessity to build that global bridge and avail your content to all cultures. Localizing your product can truly add that oomph factor required to grab the attention of your target audience and truly help you achieve your dream of a global market all starting from a local level. For further details and assistance on how Future Trans can help you reach a global audience through their website localization services, contact their team.

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