We’ve rounded up a few of the best streaming services in the UK for Android

Unaffected by the rising price Netflix continues to be the leading streaming platform in the UK for android. Although the cost of entry continues to go up, the dominant platform provides the most extensive variety of films and shows, making it difficult for smaller subscription services to compete with Netflix in terms of content diversity.

Nevertheless, each of those Netflix competitors offers features that make them all valuable to consider. Prime Video is rapidly upswing and has been regularly releasing original shows to its catalog in conjunction with seasonal sports streaming.

Numerous services are also enticing consumers with inexpensive memberships, high-resolution video streaming, and offline entertainment. You can browse through, and learn about all the streaming alternatives available in the UK.

Currently, there are numerous streaming platforms to choose from, and with so much leisure offered, it may be challenging to determine which is ideal for you.

No worries! We’ve listed down the top 5 streaming services in the UK for Android, to make it simpler for you to choose which one provides the qualities and content you desire at the correct price.

5 Best Android Streaming Apps In the UK

1) Netflix

Price/month: £6.99 (Basic)

Price/year: £83.88.-Simultaneous streaming on 1 device (basic), 2 devices(standard), and 3 devices (premium).

Download conceivable: Yes

4K streaming: Yes (premium subscription)

While it is moving closer to the 10th birthday of its UK debut, the ruler of streaming platforms remains the best overall alternative when streaming movies and shows on demand. Unfortunately, the service is also increasingly becoming one of the most expensive options in the UK.

You won’t run out of content to enjoy, though, owing to a closer recommender system, unbeatable exclusive shows, and a regularly updated catalog of contemporary and vintage entertainment.

With the network’s emphasis on original shows, Netflix is currently the sole place for several widely respected series, such as animated humor Bo Jack Horseman, the trailblazing comedy-drama Russian Doll, and the horror classic Stranger Things from the 1980s.

Unfortunately, a recent wave of Netflix Original flops might make you rethink that you must delve deeper to discover the real treasure.

2) Disney+

Price/month: £7.99

Price/year: £79.90

Simultaneous streaming on 4 devices

Download conceivable: Yes

4K streaming: Yes

Disney’s streaming platform premiered to enormous praise in the UK in early 2020 and is presently skyrocketing in prominence in significant part due to WandaVision and The Mandalorian, the previous two series that were among the most talked-about.

From The Simpsons, to classic and modern Disney cartoon features to superhits namely Star Wars and Marvel, the ravenous entertainment empire’s catalog encompasses virtually every multimedia franchise out there.

Disney+ is the ultimate streaming platform for families as it covers a diverse range of classics, like Captain America and Frozen. The streaming library does have some loopholes; not all of the Disney brand is offered herein. Still, if you or a member of your family is a Disney fan, this is a good resource.

3) Prime Videos

Price/month: £7.99

Price/year: £79

Simultaneous streaming on 3 devices

Download Conceivable: Yes

4K streaming: Yes

Amazon’s private streaming platform slipped through the back entrance because anyone who acquired an Amazon Prime membership also received complete access to Amazon Music and Prime Video.

Ever since its launch, Amazon Prime Video has grown into the second largest streaming platform in the UK, introducing a variety of highly acclaimed exclusive series to the library, like The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and The Expanse.

If you are seeking content to watch for complimentary, it’s aggravating that most of the material on that site can either be purchased or rented for an additional fee.

 Although the Amazon Prime Video interface is complex to comprehend and regularly promotes paid content above complimentary streams, if you’re able to master its settings, you’ll be greeted with a streaming platform that is sufficient to replace Netflix.

4) BBC iPlayer

Price/month: £13.25

Price/year: £159

Simultaneous Streaming: N/A

Download Conceivable: Yes

4K streaming: Yes

The basic BBC iPlayer continues to be regarded among the best streaming networks in the world although periodically being overlooked by the more glamorous premium platforms. Because it provides free accessibility to a constantly growing library comprising the best shows across British television and even beyond.

The complete boxset for the British police drama series Line of Duty is among the best series now running, and it’s the sole opportunity to catch up on it.

Killing Eve, Normal People, and the multi-award winner Fleabag are just a handful of the widely respected programs accessible through BBC iPlayer.

 A savior for several parents, the platform offers on-demand access to the bulk of CBeebies programming plus provides top blockbusters for viewing (although often only for short periods).

5) All 4

Price/month: Complimentary (£3.99 for a no advert subscription)

Price/year: Complimentary (All 4+ advert-free subscription for £47.88)

Simultaneous Streaming on 2 devices

Download Conceivable: Yes

4K streaming: No

The phrase “bingeable” was born, by All 4. The greatest reality tv the UK has ever created is accessible to watch for free through Channel 4’s streaming platform, namely Naked Attraction, Made in Chelsea, The Great British Bake Off, and Gogglebox.

The All 4 service goes past catch-up. The archives contain a wide variety of amazing shows, including complete sets of oldies such as The West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and ER, as well as countless series of top humor like Taskmaster, Peep Shows, and Derry Girls. Various systems support the app, allowing offline viewing of several shows.


Although the aforementioned list of services isn’t an exhaustive one, it will certainly aid you in picking up the optimal android-friendly streaming platform which best fits your taste and needs. I wish you happy streaming on your chosen platform!

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