What Accessories You Need to Make Watching Sports on Your Smartphone Better

If you prefer to watch your favourite games on your smartphone, you’re part of a growing community. According to a poll published by The Sun in 2022, 37% of football fans watched more games on their smartphones than on TV. About 43% of interviewed enthusiasts used their phones to watch games while commuting. Indeed, all you’ll need to watch the next live game is a smartphone with internet access.

How can you make it even better?


It’s not surprising that more fans are turning to their phones to watch sports. Smartphones allow fans to watch live matches on the go, enjoy soccer online betting, and check the latest news. According to recent estimates, over 85% of the global population has smartphones, creating a nearly USD 0.5 trillion market.

It means there’s also a massive market for mobile-oriented applications and gadgets. The global market for smartphone accessories crossed the USD 254 billion mark in 2022, with projections of steady growth until 2032. Such massive numbers are also excellent news for users. There’ll be more options on the shelves, competing in innovative features and price tags.

Here are some of the coolest gadgets to bring your sports-watching experience to the next level.

A VR Headset

If you still remember a VR headset as a clunky and costly gadget, you should have a look around again. Big techs like Meta, Google, Microsoft, and others are fighting for a share of this growing market. Thanks to market competition, VR headsets are much more affordable these days. Unsurprisingly, global VR sales have been growing steadily since 2019.

VR headsets provide unparalleled immersion, where you have a 360-degree view of the stadium, wherever you are. Early in 2023, the NBA and Meta extended their partnership, where Meta would livestream 52 matches to its social VR platform, Horizon Worlds. Five matches had a monoscopic 180-degree transmission. NFL’s first VR live-streaming game aired in 2020 with a 360-degree view and two camera options.

A Streaming Device

Here’s for when you want to stream videos from your phone to a TV, but there isn’t a smart TV around. You can turn any USB-compatible TV into a smart device with a transmitter-receiver package.

This package comes with two adapters: one for your phone and the other for the TV. Once both are plugged and connected, you can stream your phone’s content to the TV. It’s an affordable and portable option to enhance your smartphone’s possibilities.

An Outdoor Projector

How about a mobile-friendly outdoor projector capable of 155-inch full-HD projections? Like VR headsets, projectors are also getting smaller and more affordable. There are wireless and USB options, and it’s all you’ll need to get that bleacher feeling. Indeed, the market for “ultra-mobile projectors” is expanding fast, with big techs like Sony, Dell, HP, BenQ, and others competing for their share. For customers, it means more options and better deals.

A Screen Magnifier

High-tech gadgets aren’t the only options around. A screen magnifier is a cheap, foldable box with a magnifying lens. It’s perfect for travelling, as it’s small, lightweight, and easy to fold and unfold, requiring no batteries or cables.


You’ll need good-quality headphones if you want to watch a game while commuting or travelling. Otherwise, you’ll miss the audio transmission altogether and won’t be able to enjoy the commentators’ remarks or the chanting crowds. There are different types of headphones and earphones, varying widely in the price range. Earbuds are generally the best option for watching games on the go.  

Mobile Crowds – The Future

Online sports viewership is rising across the globe, an expansion made possible by widespread fast internet. Live sports streaming has a projected market size of over USD 87 billion for 2028. Live streaming is already a common option for 89% of soccer fans and about 75% of NFL fans. It’s a promising market where 55% of fans are willing to pay a subscription to access live-streaming events.

Seamless live streaming is the bread and butter of 5G-equipped smartphones. According to a recent report by, 5G coverage is set to reach 45% of the global population by the end of 2023 and 85% in 2028. It means that more people will be able to watch live matches on their phones, creating an even bigger market for smartphone accessories. 

Gearing Up

The best gadget for watching a match on a smartphone depends mainly on your location. If you’re travelling or commuting, you’d probably be better with earphones, while VR headsets shouldn’t be used outdoors for safety reasons. There are also budget solutions for projectors, depending on your needs.

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