What Are the Different Ways of Betting on Mobile Blackjack Games?

The introduction of mobile blackjack games has given players a new way of playing this classic card game, but what are the different kinds of blackjack that you can try using an Android device?

Join a Live Dealer Table

Choosing the option to play live blackjack takes you to an authentic casino setting, where a human dealer gives out the cards and presents the action. With a variety of different versions using their own rules, it’s a question of looking for the game that best suits you, from Quantum Roulette with its multipliers to Infinite Blackjack where there’s no limit on the number of players allowed at the table and other variants. With all these games optimized for mobile devices, the playing area fits perfectly onto any size of screen.

As well as varying rules, these games also differ in terms of the betting limits and the presentation. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a specific blackjack game that suits your style. In some cases, you can change the camera angles as you play on your mobile device too, giving you more control over how you see the game unfold on your device’s screen. Since the latest Android devices reproduce live streams easily, you’ll be able to keep up with the game without any fuss if you have a good internet connection.

Bet Behind

Most online live blackjack games require you to sit at a table while the dealer gives out the cards. This adds to the feeling of being immersed in a physical casino where you’re part of the action. It also makes sense in blackjack more than in some other games, as you need to make important decisions such as when to hit or stand, or whether you want to double down on your hand.

Yet, what happens if you go to the live blackjack lobby on your chosen casino app and see that all of the tables are currently full? One option is to wait for a space to become free and then take your seat to play. The other way of playing is to choose the “bet behind” button that many of these games now offer, which means that you would be betting on the hand of the player in front of you and winning or losing based on their decisions rather than your own.

A blackjack hand at the casino” (CC BY 2.0) by Images_of_Money

Play on a Virtual Table

Live blackjack games have added something extra to this industry, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way of playing this game and trying to reach 21. Virtual tables are arguably a simpler way of playing, as there’s no human presenter and the action is carried out using computer-generated decks of cards.

In this case, the randomness of the cards being dealt is replaced by a random number generator that keeps every card completely unpredictable. As with the live dealer games, there are different versions available. The simpler look of cards appearing on a virtual table might be perfect for some occasions, although you might feel that the live dealer option makes better use of the potential found in a powerful Android device.

These different ways of playing blackjack show us how the industry has evolved and also give us an insight into how we can now use our mobile devices to create an authentic casino experience very easily.

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