What can you do with Zebra ZC350 special card printer ribbons?

Do you know printer ribbons combined with Thermal Transfer labels produce the images you see on your ID cards, event badges, and other numerous security cards? The Zebra ZC350 card printer is the one you need if you are planning on investing in a printer with ribbons, as it comes pre-loaded with many features that give it flexibility as well as versatility.

Here’s all you need to know about Zebra ZC350 special card printer ribbons and all you can accomplish with them.

Zebra ZC350 Special Card Printer Ribbons

The Zebra ZC350 card printer is loaded with three ribbons that offer special printing features. These features aren’t found in any typical standard printers. Standard card printers with ribbons have multiple panels that include dye, clear panels, and resin. Typically, the stripes on a standard printer have three colours: yellow, magenta, and cyan. These colours make the designs and logos you see on the cards. The black resin helps create monochromatic designs on the card.

However, with Zebra ZC350 special card printer ribbons, you can do much more and reap many benefits. Here’s how you can use your Zebra ZC350 special card printer ribbons in many ways.

The three different ribbons that the ZC350 card printer offers are,

  • 3D effects ribbon
  • color-shifting ink ribbon
  • long-life ribbon

Benefits of using Zebra ZC350 special card printer ribbons

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1. Durability Long-life Ribbons

No other printer can provide you with the durability you can get with the likes of Zebra ZC350 special card printer ribbons. The long-life ribbon offers 4% more durability than the standard ribbons. You will also avoid the cost of lamination and skip all the complex steps if you invest in life-long ribbons.

Moreover, the long-life ribbon adds a coupe of protective layers to your card, giving it much more durability than any other card printer. You can also add a watermark that fluoresces under a UV lamp for added security; this isn’t something you can achieve with a standard printer.

Such high-security cards are in high demand at high-risk jobs and organisations like airport security, schools, government access, hospitals, etc.

2. Adding Shifting Colors:

The color-shifting ribbon gives you an edge over standard cards. It allows your card to shift colours from pink to green as you turn the card. The colours on the logo or image you choose for the card will shift when you rotate the card.

Not only does that look cool, but it also makes it very hard to duplicate the card. Moreover, the colour-shifting ribbon is not only to make the card look pretty but also to add a protective layer over the card.

3. Add 3D Effects:

If you want to stand out from the competition, use the 3D effect ribbon. This ribbon uses a metallic silver layer to add 3D effects to the card. As the layering goes, you will first have the metallic text or logo, then a dye-receptive layer, then a standard colour layer, and to top it off, a final protective overlay. With the help of the 3D ribbon, you can pop out the most essential features on your card, such as your brand logo or company name.

Don’t settle for the standard ribbons when you have a world of possibilities with Zebra ZC350 special card printer ribbons.

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