What Career to Choose in IT: Top 10 Most in Demand in 2023

The tech industry is booming, and there are now different positions opening up in the industry. The Coronavirus pandemic was undoubtedly a deterrent, but now that it is starting to dwindle, the tech industry is back stronger than ever. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a computer science-related degree can help you land a heavy-paying and high-demand job easily.

Moreover, the field has a 13% projected growth rate, which is more than most occupations. So, if you are interested in tech and have a knack for computer networks, a career in technology can be your true calling.

Thus, to help you with your search, we have developed this article with the top IT jobs in high demand.

So, without further ado, let us see what IT jobs are in most demand.

Top IT Jobs In Demand

Digital transformation has helped the IT sector expand like any other. Technology is needed in virtually every industry, and very few sectors can function without it today. Be it education, science, or any other industry; technology is now incorporated at every stage of our lives. Thus, a computer science degree can open up numerous doors for you and help you secure a high-level position.

The following are some of the IT positions that are presently in high demand. Salaries were taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Glassdoor.

1. Project Manager

  • Category: Management
  • Salary: $94,500

Project managers oversee a project from the initial to the end stages. These professionals are in demand in almost every sector. However, they are primarily desired in the tech industry due to the intricacies involved in every IT project. These professionals ensure that everyone is on track, keeping with the project’s instructions.

Since the number of IT projects is increasing daily, the demand for project managers is equally increasing. Project managers consider the IT company’s technology needs and manage every aspect of the project, including the team members participating in the project. In addition, project managers are also one of the most in-demand professions in many states, according to the SignalHire study in 2022.

2. Software Engineer

  • Category: Software Development
  • Salary: $109,020

The demand for apps and tech products is increasing, and naturally, the demand for software engineers is increasing too. These professionals build computer programs, mobile apps, and other products that address the tech needs of the general public. With the help of coding, software engineers build programs and track user needs to provide relevant tech solutions to problems.

Most software engineers systems and applications, but they also can design interfaces and operating systems. While coding knowledge and tech experience are needed, software engineers must also possess communication and deductive skills to excel at their job. This position is expected to rise by 25% in the next decade so watch out.

3. Analyst

  • Category: Analyst
  • Salary: $75,000 to 80,000

Analyst is an umbrella term that can be used to describe many professions in the IT industry. These professionals are responsible for multitasking since they have to understand computer hardware, software, and networks. Not only that, but analysts must also know how all these pieces of equipment work together.

The IT industry can have several types of analysts. Some common types are computer systems analysts, business analysts, data analysts, and programmer analysts. The primary responsibility of these employees is to address specific problems by making software programs, showing organizations how to optimize their processes, and cutting down costs. Analysts gather data and offer insights to a company, and since the job has so many responsibilities, the pay is equally excellent.

4. IT Manager

  • Category: Management
  • Salary: $159,010

IT managers oversee the IT requirements of a company. Their main job is to plan computer systems, upgrades, and installations when a company needs system upgrades. However, an IT manager might need to do a lot more than that as well. These professionals often team up with executives, upper management, and other members to make purchasing decisions, manage vendor relationships and software, and the overall IT aspect of any company.

The demand for IT managers is skyrocketing by the day, and there’s a good reason for that. As the IT sector expands, the need for top professionals who can handle a company’s technology needs is also increasing. The need to protect confidential information is increasing, so IT managers are desired more.

5. Business Analyst

  • Category: Analyst
  • Salary: $84,470

Business analysts are highly demanded across several sectors. However, when it comes to the IT industry, the demand for business analysts is mainly prominent. These professionals provide business insights to a company using data and help them develop business plans and changes in their processes. These employees bridge the gap between business and IT and solve business problems strategically.

These professionals need to know about both information technology and business administration. Moreover, they also need good interpersonal skills since they provide innovative solutions to the teams regarding the numerous business problems the company has to face.

6. Data Analyst

  • Category: Analyst
  • Salary: $102,600

Data science is an IT sector that has been seeing a lot of demand in recent years, and as a result, data analysts are one of the most demanded positions at the moment. They collect, analyze and interpret data to help companies understand how they can improve their processes. Data analysts take help from several technologies to gather data, such as predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Besides knowledge of such technologies, technical skills, and mathematical skills, data analysts must also have critical thinking skills. This will allow them to interpret data in the most accurate way possible. With the gathered data, these professionals help companies to comprehend customer behaviors, market trends, and other factors that help companies make better decisions.

7. Java Developer

  • Category: Software Development
  • Salary: $88,475

Among all the programming languages, Java is the one that is widely used, and as a result, the need for professionals who are well-versed in that language is high. The JavaScript language is equally used in back-end and front-end software, applications, webpages, and networks. Naturally, employers and companies are always searching for individuals who can apply the Java language. These professionals design, implement and maintain Java applications in the company.

The professional must also know the programming language’s frameworks and libraries apart from the language’s basics. The demand for the position is also high because of the need for more skilled professionals. So, if you got a knack for Java, why not try the career out?

8. Product Manager

  • Category: Management
  • Salary: $102,500

IT products are everywhere. Apps, desktop software, and web pages have become the norm. But who makes sure that these products are functioning and are properly launched? Product managers! They analyze product performance and redesign products if needed. They keep the entire team in check and follow the product journey from start to finish. They develop the product strategy and roadmap and manage prioritization between different aspects of the product.

Product managers must also look over the marketing campaigns and work together with technology and design teams to ensure that everything about the product is done smoothly. These professionals must have great time management and communication skills to launch the product without any problems.

9. DevOps

  • Category: Network Administration
  • Salary: $109,000

DevOps engineers look after the IT infrastructure, oversee software performance, and make necessary improvements. As a result, DevOps engineers must possess technical knowledge, coding, and communication skills. They encourage fewer deployment failures and check code releases. Their main job is to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

DevOps engineers also collaborate with other software development team members and make the entire process efficient and swift. DevOps engineers are hard to come by, making their demands stronger. Now is the best time to tap into this field since it is still in its infancy.

10. Data Engineer

  • Category: Data Science
  • Salary: $101,000

Companies are always looking to make data-driven decisions, and consequently, data engineering is now a coveted job. These professionals build and maintain data platforms and ensure the steady flow of data as opposed to data analysts whose businesses make better decisions. This way, companies can predict consumer journeys and improve their processes and productivity.

Individuals who can deal with numbers and make the data processes of a company smoother are always appreciated and are in demand. Thus, the data science world is expanding, and now is the best time to participate.

Final Thoughts

The IT industry is seeing a lot of expansion and interest, and this boom isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. Thus, if you are interested in technology and want a career around it, look out for these top positions in high demand now and are projected to grow in the upcoming years. The job requirements might seem overbearing, but an IT job means a secure job in today’s tech-driven world. So, what are you waiting for?

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