What does the future hold for cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular?

Although Apple may take a lot of the headlines in the mobile world, Android is, in fact, the most popular operating system for tablets and smartphones. This sees Android devices used all over the world and for a number of different activities.

Alongside watching the latest movies or catching up on social media, lots of people trade on the world’s financial markets from their mobile. While this might include things like investing in stocks or bonds online, lots of people now also like to put money into cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that this market has been on a rapid rise in the last few years¾but what does the future hold for it, and for Bitcoin in particular?

Cryptocurrencies — what does the future hold in general?

The first thing you have to expect is more coins launching and being available to invest in via your mobile. This is something that has been happening regularly for a few years now, and it seems unlikely to stop.

Smooth Love Potion is a great example of a newer coin that has come to market recently¾many traders now check Smooth Love prices each day for the latest opportunities. The truth is that there are thousands of coins other than Bitcoin to invest in and this is something that should continue to expand in the future.

Although it is always hard to make concrete predictions around assets, it probably will not surprise you to see the crypto market, in general, grow as time goes by. When you look at where it is now compared to when it first started out, the progress is undeniable. This may well see things like the Luna price shooting up in the future and the whole crypto market becoming more buoyant.

What else might the future hold for crypto in general?

For anyone who likes to check the latest cryptocurrency prices, there are other exciting directions that crypto may head in. As with Bitcoin, below, we may well see cryptocurrencies become more widely used in modern life to pay for things. An obvious example of this could be the increased adoption of crypto by the video gaming and online casino gaming sectors.

It is also fairly certain that many coins, and the Blockchain tech they are built on, will be used more in the business world. This could be for anything from facilitating smart online contracts to using Blockchain for secure transactions in the financial world.

We may also see the future bring even more interest in crypto from the world’s governments. This may be in attempts by them to further regulate the market, but also in attempts by governments to get involved with digital cash. The UK’s plan to look into central bank digital currencies is evidence of just what interest the major global powers have in crypto now, and how they might make it a key part of national financial policy moving ahead.

Bitcoin—what might the future hold?

Just as securing your Android phone is crucial for mobile users, knowing what the future might bring for Bitcoin is vital for any crypto fan.

One prediction that can be made with some certainty, is that it will continue to be the biggest coin for people to put money into. Since being launched in 2008, it has managed to fight off challenges from newer coins to remain at the top of the tree. This means that Bitcoin still has the biggest market cap of all coins and a volume of trades that other tokens cannot match.

Although it is expected that Bitcoin will hang onto its status as the top crypto asset for investors, there are also other directions it could head in as time moves on. As noted above, it could, for example, start to become a lot more widely used in society to pay for goods.

It may also be the case that we see more forks in this coin in the future. These may be soft forks, which simply change specific protocols/fix issues in Bitcoin itself, or hard forks, which actually create new types of this currency altogether. We have already seen this happen in the past (such as the hard fork which created Bitcoin Cash in August 2017), so this is something that could well happen again.

Future looks bright for Bitcoin and crypto

When you compare where Bitcoin and crypto started to where they are now, it is clear what progress has been made over time. As a result, you have to think that the same kind of progress could be made in the years to come, and the future looks bright for this huge financial market.

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