What is a Business Strategy?

A business strategy is a course of action or set of decisions that help entrepreneurs achieve specific business goals. It is nothing more than a master plan that a company’s management implements to secure a competitive position in the market, carry on operations, please customers, and achieve the desired business outcomes. In business, it is a long-term sketch of the organization’s desired image, direction, and destination. It is a plan of corporate intent and action that is carefully planned and flexible to:

  • Increase effectiveness,
  • Recognize and capitalize on opportunities
  • Organize resources,
  • Taking advantage of a favorable situation,
  • Meeting challenges and threats,
  • Gaining command of the situation by directing one’s efforts and behavior

How are leadership and business strategy interlinked?

Business strategy and leadership are inextricably linked, and strategy is no longer a once-a-year process that produces a long-term plan to be stored in a multi-page binder. Therefore, you should keep in touch with experts like, to get the best strategies for your business.

Business strategy and leadership indeed require planning, but they also need execution. And as one of the top IBM employees once said, “planning without execution is hallucination” holds value to date.

The business strategy directs the organisational journey, while the leadership strategy serves as the human enabler for the organization to reach its full potential. The leadership strategy of a company brings its business strategy to life. A leadership strategy bridges the strategy-performance gap.

What are some of the Expected strategy-oriented questions one can expect?

  • How do you keep your team informed of strategic decisions?
  • Communication is critical for business success, and an interviewer will want to determine how well you share the information. An organization will also want to see how well you lead and cooperate with others. So, share how you communicate effectively and the solutions you provide for strategic needs.      
  • How much time do you regularly invest in strategic planning? What methods do you use?
  • How do you ensure your superiors support the strategic plan you created?
  • What is your approach to keeping the plans you created and implemented aligned with the market changes?

One can get answers to these HR interview questions in this course.

Why learn about leadership and business strategy?

With the help of leadership training, you can stand out from the crowd: Leadership and strategic problem solving are critical skills for undergraduates, but they are also uncommon. We address this gap through our leadership and business strategy program, which provides you with a competitive advantage that translates into more job opportunities, higher pay, and the chance to advance your career.

Real-world encounters: Your knowledge directly impacts people’s lives. This makes learning extremely relevant, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Personal development and transformation: You will develop as a professional and as a person. Challenges, responsibility, self-reflection, and a supportive environment provide you with the clarity, confidence, and self-knowledge needed to thrive in any career path.


Leadership training will teach you how to develop a global perspective to make critical business decisions and develop successful strategies. This way, you can learn business strategy with the help of various leadership training, which is available on the online platform.

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