What is a Good Laptop for Working from Home

Working from home is a necessity in the current situation. There is no way to deny its importance. To do office work needs electronic gadgets; without them, the employers and employers can’t interact and work. Even if their work is not related to these devices, they need them for zoom meetings, conferences, and discussions.

A basic laptop that delivers all the needs, from simple office work to complex duties, is a need of everyone. If you search in the market, you will get the best laptop for working from home under $500. But before deciding, check what is a good laptop for working from home.

What to Check Before Buying a Good Laptop for Working from Home

What laptop you actually need depends upon the type of your work. Different duties demand different specifications or features; let’s talk about a few of them.

Typing Working

If your job is to type a lot, like you have to type emails, files, and coding, you need a laptop with a good display, an efficient and responsive keyboard, and sufficient storage space to store bulk files.

Ascertain that the laptop you’re choosing to purchase for typing has a well-spaced keyboard and plenty of space for your hands to rest. Your palms will ache after a long workday if the key spacing is too small.

Consider looking for key travel that is longer and more pleasant in the same way. When you use a keyboard with deeper, more clicky, and tactile keys, you can type more smoothly and efficiently without expending too much energy.


If you are a designer (photo editors, video editors, 3D designers, etc.) laptop is your continuous need. The best one will be a high-resolution screen display, efficient processor, great RAM, ample storage to store software files, and preferably a laptop that is convertible from 0 to 360 degrees and has a sensitive pen in addition.

Designers typically require higher-end laptops due to the GPU-intensive nature of their work. Some high recommendations are

● mid-range Core i5 or i7 processor best is i9 or AMD equivalents

● 8GB-16GB RAM

● 256GB-512GB SSD

● an integrated graphics card

Google App-based work

All those employees who have to work on Google applications need a completely compatible laptop with such applications. For this, Google Chromebooks are a perfect fit with in-built google assistance.

Check Specifications

You have to check some specifications before adding a laptop to your cart for any work. Let’s discuss them.


Sadly, you can’t work on it if you have an old laptop or something with a damaged screen. The display screen is an important aspect; low-quality displays can cause you to concentrate more on the screen, straining your eyes. Which will affect your eyes and the long-term consequences are even worse.

Due to the full HD screen and improved viewing angles provided by the IPS technology, your eyes will experience less strain and discomfort.

Webcam or microphone

You need a laptop that provides a webcam and microphone without lag for office work. Moreover, they can also protect information from hackers.


Portability is a matter of fact for all those workers who have to travel a lot. They need a lightweight laptop that is easy to carry and take away anywhere. The people who love to sit the whole day and work consistently can choose a laptop between 4 to 6 lbs.

Battery life

Battery life is crucial when working in an office from home. While sitting in one place doesn’t cause any trouble, you can continuously power on your laptop. On the contrary, traveling with your laptop needs a good battery life, at least 10 hours, so you can easily continue your work without electricity for some hours.

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