What is Bingo and How is it Played?

Contrary to popular belief, bingo is just anymore a game dedicated to the seniors. This social game has, actually, become a trend amongst young people over the last few years. The history of bingo dates back to the mid-1500s and has become growingly popular across the Brits mainly since the release of online bingo sites in the iGaming market. The modern bingo game has evolved into multiple variations that can be explored in the list of all online bingo sites. Nonetheless, the traditional version 90 ball bingo has remained the most commonly played among British players. Are you new to the game? Here’s how this game is played?

How to play bingo?

Bingo is an exciting game of pure chance that anyone can play. The object of this game of pure chance is to match combinations of letters and numbers on a grid of numbers. Since a 90-ball is referred to as a standard version, the players have a ticket with available numbers from 1 to 90. Each time the caller calls, they mark off a number that appears on their ticket. They are required to get a line or a full house and the first who fills this pattern on the card wins by yelling “Bingo” to alert all participants that he/she is the winner.

Furthermore, as a broad range of online bingo variants can be played on the bingo sites, the rules of these games vary depending on the casino software developers. However, the common rule is to be the first to get the winning combination so those who mark off a row or a full house will be the winners. The reputed online bingo websites use random number generators to generate the outcomes of a game.

The common variants of bingo games

How many variants of bingo games can we play? The answer is quite a lot because several versions are available mainly on online bingo websites. New models of bingo have continuously invaded the bingo casinos enabling the enthusiasts to keep entertained in a thrilling mood. Here are two well-known variants that have remained seductive among the players.

– 75-ball Bingo

75-ball bingo or pattern bingo is primarily played in the US but has also seduced millions of players across the world. Originated in America in the 1920s, this version is more complex compared to other variants because it requires some learning beforehand to be familiar with it. The 75-ball bingo is played with 75 balls with a bingo card arranged according to the letters B-I-N-G-O. Obviously, the first who fills out the numbers in a column is the winner. It is worth mentioning that several versions based on 75-ball bingo concept spread in the bingo platforms or online casinos.

– 90-ball Bingo

90-ball bingo is the most common variation of bingo in the UK. This classic model is popular in both physical and online casinos. In this version, the players will be displayed on a card with 27 squares, 3 rows, and 9 columns. The tickets printed on each ticket range from 1-90. Those who first scratch off a row of numbers call ‘bingo’. In fact, three patterns allow them to win and each has its own prize. A decent version of 90-ball bingo online can be played to those who are in quest of an exciting mood and the size of jackpots offered varies depending on the bingo rooms which are guaranteed to be great.

The Rise of Online Bingo

The online bingo market has incredibly grown in the last few years and there are a number of factors that inspired this rise. Apart from the increase of the online gaming industry, the expansion of the games packed with innovations is the main reason to push the online bingo prominence to a wider audience. The accessibility of online bingo platforms that offer more attractive bonuses and promotions has also inspired the popularity of virtual bingo games.

With many variations present on the renowned platforms, it is not surprising that the online bingo market has prospered. What’s more, the advent of mobile bingo has only served to boost the online bingo site’s progression as they allow the players to have fun in much more convenience. How can you imagine that one day you play your favourite bingo version on your mobile phones with the same high-quality graphics and the same functionality as the desktop version? One thing is for sure, the future of bingo is bright and this game has remained iconic over the coming years.

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