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The 4th industrial revolution is here, according to the World Economic Forum. The question is whether you are ready for it? Perhaps we should be asking if we fully understand what it is and its implications though. Some are now also referring to the 5th revolution. Even so, what does this all have to do with machine learning and software companies in New York? Most importantly, what does this mean for you?

Everywhere you look, the digital world is combining with the physical world. For example, virtual and augmented realities use digital technology that basically sits on top of what we naturally see. This means that everything is becoming increasingly automated and it’s what we call the 4th Revolution. Depending on how you look at it, this can be exciting or concerning. Like every revolution, there will be some amazing advantages and benefits for our everyday lives. However, this type of development also assumes that we will learn and adapt to the new challenges.

What Exactly Is Machine Learning?

  • When software grows and changes with its environment
  • Examples include speech recognition and medical diagnostics

The very simple definition of machine learning is that computers are able to evolve and develop in response to data and experience. The idea is that they are like humans. This means that they adapt and change their responses based on what happens around them when they do something. These machines essentially learn much like children do. Some of the top machine learning consultants work for software companies in New York. Naturally, we can’t forget California which is the obvious place to think of when someone mentions artificial intelligence. Having said that, other countries such as China, Germany and Canada, amongst others are fast catching up.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, which is another well-known term. Artificial intelligence, or AI, aims to produce machines that act and behave like humans. On the other hand, machine learning technology creates computers that develop and evolve through experience. Examples of applications include speech and image recognition. These are currently being developed by software companies in New York and other key cities across the world.

Why Machine Learning?

Why Machine Learning?

  • Making our lives easier
  • Interpreting data

Software companies in New York aren’t the only ones leveraging this technology. The key reason is because it provides a huge competitive advantage for interpreting vast amounts of data. For example, one company uses machine learning for ecommerce applications. This means that they review data such that they can find the right customers according to habits, behaviours and desires.

Another example is for managing how much energy you use in your home. By learning about your habits, the machine can cleverly adapt and tweak the system so that you use only the right amount of energy that you need. No more, no less.

A further example from a software company in New York is one that offers media groups the ability to learn about our preferences as consumers. We therefore no longer get bothered by TV series we don’t want to watch. It’s effective for the end-user in terms of time saved and it also means that the media companies can be more focused and therefore, more efficient.

The Ethics behind Machine Learning

  • When do machines have rights?
  • The 5th Revolution

It’s difficult to talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence without mentioning some of the moral questions behind these technologies. In fact, this is where the 5th Industrial Revolution comes into play. Even without all the films that show the potential dangers of machines becoming human, I think we can all guess the challenges of essentially introducing another species into this world.

At which point do machines have rights? The next question then becomes, if machines have rights, should we not reevaluate where animals stand, as is already happening in many countries?

Software companies in New York and other major cities need to ask themselves these questions everyday. This is exactly the movement behind the 5th Industrial Revolution.

Concluding Thoughts on Machine Learning as driven by Software Companies in New York and Elsewhere

There’s some whacky technology out there these days. Whilst machine learning and artificial intelligence might seem scary to some, it’s here to stay whether we like it or not. It’s reassuring though that international bodies such as the World Economic Forum, amongst others, are asking themselves the questions of ethics.

We are, however, still some time away from the day when machines walk around amongst us and live their lives independently. Some experts guesstimate that we have at least 80 years or so before that even happens. Therefore, many of us won’t get to witness this evolution. This is either good news or bad news, depending on your views.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the benefits of machine learning, driven by software companies in New York, California and across the world. In fact, why not reap the benefits of state-of-the-art data analysis and strategic insights for your business? Alternatively, you could be appreciating personalized care during your hospital visits.

This is thanks to the way that machine learning combines your historical data with all possible diagnoses to provide you with a customized treatment plan. The possibilities of what we can achieve with machine learning are endless. Fortunately, we also have humans looking out for all us to make sure that we continue to live in harmony. 

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