What Makes Android and iOS Different in 2021

Android 12 is the 2021 novelty. The owners of the latest Samsung have this operating system set up on their devices already. Another product to hit the market is iOS 15. These two operating systems compete all the time. Experts say that 2021 will change it all for Google and Apple. Both world’s giants, Google and Apple, are poised to unveil their app upgrades. This June, another battle is present, and Android may have higher chances to conquer the market. Let’s first look at the primary benefits of this legendary operating system.

Main Reasons to Give Android a Try

Android remains the bargain-hunters choice despite the latest improvements. You may have noticed that some iOS-based devices are becoming even more affordable than Android-based, but, in general, entry-level prices for the second group are still more accessible. To make your eyes water, such companies as Samsung may set up prices for their recent flagman higher than iPhone does, but their budget models work just as fine. You can still find a great Android phone with a high-resolution camera and plenty of other attractive features.

As Samsung’s models are not that affordable, you may think about purchasing Xiaomi, Realme, Lenovo, Oppo, or Motorola. Chinese manufacturers offer lower prices than Korean and, basically, anyone globally, and the quality is still adorable. Finnish Nokia is another top favorite on the list. Except for the price, more reasons exist to choose Android:

  • Converting to Android mobile is relatively cheap.
  • Web access to writing services and applications like games, video/audio players, and others are rather customizable and simple in usage.
  • Multiple apps and tools available – users can browse several applications simultaneously without overloading the system much.
  • Free, open-source platforms and the largest community of users around the world. Its market share as of today is almost 85 percent.
  • Great variety of games.
  • Compatible with a good deal of software and other operating systems.
  • Only a single-time fee is required to register and distribute an app, which is good for software developers.
  • Easy to test and upgrade.
  • Devices from Google have crossed the threshold of two billion active users monthly worldwide.

At the same time, you should not forget that Android offers limited memory storage. Having too many tools installed on your mobile device may lead to various mistakes and bugs. Also, most of the fake applications that may cause harm to devices are developed for this operating system, which means higher risks for overall security. If you deal with Android-based Linux systems, make sure that you are aware of the basic Linux command systems. Finally, fast battery drains are another common pitfall of running an Android-based phone.

Why Android 12 (Not iOS 15) Will Be the Top Mobile Phone Update of 2021

Around 100 percent of new mobile phones ran either Android or iOS. The main feature that makes customers choose the specific operating system is customization and updates of the previous functionality. We’ll remind you that iOS 14 used to overbeat its main competitor with ease. This battle was won thanks to an extended application library. In 2021, Apple is about to refine all the new features. iOS plans to develop devices for creating and keeping an eye on notifications, add a fresh lock screen, and expand widget features. However, in contrast to it, the latest Android has some other aces in hands.

Google invested almost all of its efforts in Android 12 in 2020-21. You may review demos and trailers in the free access now. One feature that catches an eye from first sight is the so-called “Silky Home” interface. In addition, the company promised the following improvements and brand-new options:

  • Enlarged text throughout the user interface
  • Simpler single-handed usage
  • Significantly extended theming features

Doesn’t it sound great? These novelties will make the operating system for mobile devices more customizable, allowing users to enjoy more opportunities. Sure thing, the developers teamed up with designers to improve visuals though a lot depends on the phone.

If you’re new to the business, Android will be providing widgets a much-required overhaul. The new OS from Google promises to have an expanded and improved menu of gadgets. It’s not a secret that Android used to be aimed at messaging. Thus, the company was working on ways to speed up and enhance the quality of conversations. The upgraded system will start alerting users when an application applies its camera/microphone.

Sure, Google imitates some of the best Apple ideas, but it keeps on improving them. A new interface and upgrades are what make Android a more competitive OS these days. In fact, Google hasn’t released such large-scale upgrades since 2014. Its software plans for this year are impressive.

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