What Makes Firmex’s Data Rooms Unique?

A data room is another term for cloud storage. It is used to store sensitive information for an organization in the form of documents in an online format. It is a convenient way of storing, retrieving, and sharing a company’s data. Data rooms replace the traditional file and cabinet method of storing information. The latter was cumbersome, unsafe, and time-consuming.

Data rooms include features such as advanced permissions, multiple factor authentications, and secure passwords to ensure that data is as secure as possible. Cloud storage ensures that you can share the required data with specific people remotely. There are a lot of data companies that offer data room services, but only a few have unique features such as Firmex’s Data Room. Here are some of the features that make it unique.

Simple and Secure

Data rooms are essentially digital assets for storing company data. They help you keep your data safe and allow you to share information with specific contacts. These rooms should be easy to use to minimize the time required to train new employees and to avoid making mistakes that could expose the company to outsiders.

They should also be secure to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing company data. Firmex’s data rooms provide just that. It explains why clients open more than 15,000 data rooms annually. They are confident with the services they get.

Amazing Customer Service

Good customer service reflects the nature of the company. If it has good customer service right from when you make the first contact, then you can be sure that you are more likely to get quality services.

The opposite is also true. Firmex has amazing customer service. Their service sets them apart from many other data rooms’ providers. You can check out their site to see how they present their services.

On-Call Support Staff

Even if you are getting near-perfect services, there will always be some issues that need to be sorted. At such times, it would be very comforting if you have a ready support staff to look into arising issues. Most companies have their contacts on their websites, but they are never functional. Firmex is different. They have a dedicated support staff that ensures you get your queries responded to as soon as possible. You can call any time day or night.


Firmex’s data rooms are versatile. Their systems provide features that allow your team to customize your accounts to your company’s liking. You can create multiple accounts, limit access and even share sections of data to authorized personnel only. Most other data rooms have fixed structures that limit what you can do with your account.

Supports a range of Industries

You will like the range of industries Firmex’s data rooms’ support. They range from corporate, investment banking, real estate, mining, government & infrastructure, and biotech among others. With such a wide range of supported industries, it means that you can connect with a range of different companies, form mergers, and initiate acquisitions without having to look for data storage services from multiple providers. You can incorporate companies from a wide range of industries.

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