What types of LED lights are available in the market?

As technology advances, we are said to see wonders and it seems like LED lights won’t be the exception. They are so energy efficient and very versatile that we use them for several purposes. From setting your gaming room to light wide areas like shops, garages and so on. We even have smart LED lights you can manage with your phone!

Types of LED lights

These days, LEDs are so common they are so many. It is a matter of time we all end up using them as technology advances and the upfront cost lowers compared with CFL price or the regular incandescent bulbs. You can find more information about LEDs on lepro.com.

Well, for this time, we will only mention some wide categories and pay special attention to smart lights.

Colorful LEDs

As its name suggests, you can manage your LEDs to choose your custom color or set the white light to be warm white, cool white or daylight. Strip LED lights are a good example of this as they can be used to decorate your home for holidays.

Dimming lights

Some LED lights come with controls to adjust the brightness, say lumens, of the bulb to adjust it to your needs. These come in handy when you want to create a relaxed atmosphere for a family dinner or holiday gatherings.

LED lighting tubs

As the shift from fluorescent bulbs to LED is happening, having to buy new fixtures for your shop, garage, workshop or any large area, could be a little expensive. Instead, you can keep them and just replace the old bulb for the new one. Given that they can last between 5 and 10 years, it is easy to get the best price on LED shop lights.


Surface Mounted Device (SMD) LEDs are those where its components are arranged on a printed circuit board. This type of LEDs are a very good fit for small places like house rooms, offices and the like.


Chip on Board (COB) LEDs, on the other hand, offer a consistent manageable beam of light to cover open areas like streets, squares and similar spaces. Of course, they are used in concerts, big parties or events held in a very wide room.

Graphene lights

They are just like the regular LED lights with a big difference: they use a graphene layer. This brings more performance as graphene is known for its durability, a high class conductor and very good at light absorption.

Smart LED lights

These are LEDs you can control easily with your smartphone or tablet, either using Android or iOs. You can also use your smartwatch or any virtual assistant. They are pretty convenient as you can group them using your favorite app to handle them all at once or manage them per room.

In other words, there are many LED options to choose from that can be daunting choosing one. Just ask yourself why you need a light, how intense you want it to be and how much you can afford. You also want to get the one with the highest lumens/watts ratio for better results.

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