Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Android, iOS and Windows Phones

Indeed WhatsApp is most popular messenger available for smart phone users. The single has very impact over Facebook users, many users started using it instead of Facebook, because of its simplicity, and effectiveness. The app is compatible with most of the mobile operating systems, and out for very low price. But after hearing announcement of the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, and knowing some security, and privacy issues on it, people who use this app daily are now looking for other alternatives.

Most of the users have concern regarding to security. Every one desire to have private chat, so no one can read them in their absence. Here you can find some best alternatives to WhatsApp which can provide you better privacy, and good messaging experience, just like WhatsApp. It seems it way far any of these applications to beat WhatsApp, however, they promise something unique that you won’t find on WhatsApp.

So we recommend you to try out these applications once, and see if such features can be useful to you or not. Just like WhatsApp, all of these messengers are completely free to download, and use. Also, they do not include any kind of in-app advertisements either.

Lets start the list with one which being very popular right now, and you can think of them alternative to WhatsApp:

1# Threema – best alternative

ThreemaAfter WhatsApps, Threema is being very popular with Android users in few time.

The App has attracted very huge amount of users in quite low time, it offers a complete safe, and simple messaging platform.

  • High end encryption for complete privacy
  • Just like WhatsApp, it find other users automatically.
  • Share text, pictures, video, and your location.

Get it on → Google Play Store → Apple iTunes Store → Unfortunately not available for Windows phone users.

2# ChatON

chatonIt comes pre-installed on all Samsung devices, but still most of the user don’t use it. But it’s a good free alternative to WhatsApp, you’re not limited to only mobiles, you can use it on computer, tablet, and of course on smart phone.


  • Easily transfer messages, videos, music, images,contacts, and more.
  • Comes with group chats facility
  • It works with most of the devices, like tablet, and computer.
  • Can be used multiple devices at the same time

Get it on → Google Play Store → Windows Store

3# Facebook Messenger

Being best social networking site, Facebook has already touched heart of most of the users around the world. Almost every one knows about them. Apart their official app, and site, their separate messenger is quite impressive, and very useful too. Somewhat, it needs lengthy registration to get started with it, but once you filled, then you can use it anytime.


  • Possibly better than using Facebook App to chat.
  • Sent messages can be access through mobile, and PC as well.
  • Group chat is available.
  • VoIP calls possible

Get it on → Google Play Store → Apple iTunes Store →Not available for Windows Phone users.

4# WeChat – many attractive features

WeChatIts one of best alternative, just because it is somewhat bulky, and too many features, made to put it on 4th number. Apart from text messages, you can have chat through using stickers, and cool looking characters. Very good quality video calls, and much more.


  • Interesting chats with stickers.
  • Recently few games have been introduced.
  • Simultaneously chat with up to 100 people under group chats.

Get it on → Google Play Store → Apple iTunes Store

Friendcaster5# FriendCaller

Known for video chat, this app is good enough to provide good text messaging experience too. Works on multiple devices including, mobiles, tablets, and PC. Best for video calls, as it offers tons of video calling features.


  • Multimedia chat features
  • Free group video chat
  • My Phone Number
  • Cheap International rates for calls

Get it on  →Google Play Store→Not available for Windows Users.

hike messenger6# hike

Best of best, hike is another champion one. Definitely you would love to use it. It just like BBM, you’ll get high-end excretions on each message, and with lot of other amazing features.


  • 128 bit high encryption
  • Full of amazing stickers to chat
  • Built in free hike to non-hike SMS
  • Multimedia transfer, and group chat enabled.

Get it on → Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store →Windows Store

Kik Messenger7# Kik Messenger

More than 100 millions people are using this app. The simplicity of this app is just like what WhatsApp offers, but it is more than just a messenger. It has built-in browser, which let your instantly browse internet without leaving the app or simply the chat session.


  • Very fast, and responsive.
  • Built-in internet browser with all facilities.
  • Simple to use, and very effective.

Get it on → Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store

Nimbuzz Messenger8# Nimbuzz Messenger

Until the Android phones got very famous, this messenger was my favorite one. But still, its a good messenger to text, and make free calls. Comes with bunch of features like, group chat, free HD calls, free messaging, etc.,


  • Chat to buddies on Nimbuzz, Facebook, Gtalk 24×7 at the same time.
  • Free messaging, and video calls.
  • Multimedia sharing, and group chat enabled.
  • Free push notifications, and offline messages.

Get it On – Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store →Windows Store

The list won’t end here. There are several more apps you check, KakaoTalk, mySMS, Skype, Viber, and Yuilop are good ones. So if you are looking for a good app to replace WhatsApp, then you can pick anyone from the list with your desire, and according to needs. We Hope, this list would end your search.

If you have a rooted device, then go here to find some best root apps for high performance, and improve usability of Android device.

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