Where to get a gambling license: Isle of Man or Curacao?

In 2020, the most dynamically developing industry is the gambling business. If earlier it was real casinos, now everything is gradually moving to online. People are much more willing to visit the site, because for this it is enough just to pick up a smartphone or move to the computer. But real gambling houses are visited by fewer and fewer customers.

Creating your own online casino is quite simple: for this, special scripts are uploaded to the site, which are slot machines, bettors, roulettes and other casino services.

One catch: you need a license to start a casino. Problems start here. Not every state gives a gambling license. And if it does, then either the license costs a lot of money, the taxes are exorbitantly high, or the license gives access to a truncated list of gambling services. Against the backdrop of all this chaos, Curacao and the Isle of Man stand out favorably.


Curacao is a small island in South America. This is a real paradise for all sorts of lovers of the illegal. Not so long ago, Curacao began offering gambling license registration services to everyone. A huge number of businessmen from all over the world decided that this was their chance and got into a mess. Indeed, the conditions for obtaining a Curacao gambling license are quite attractive:

  • EUR 29,000 down payment;
  • EUR 4,800 monthly payment for 2 years;
  • Monthly payments may be reviewed after two years;
  • 2% – annual income tax.

However, behind all these pleasant moments there are two of those that put an end to the pros. Not well-liked among island businesspeople. Gambling businessmen worldwide are aware of the situation here. Curacao-registered enterprises are cautious. They almost never comply.

Thus, you may apply for a license if your gaming service will not engage in business. Remember that you might pay a lot but never get the license. Remember that you can always count on Fintech Harbor Consulting if you need help obtaining a gaming license in Curacao or a crypto license obtaining.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is British. The same laws apply on the island and all the same, circumstances apply to it that are valid for the UK. That is, these are a reliable tax system, a stable economy, and full compliance with state laws.

In addition, each company that has received a gambling license here gets an additional opportunity to carry out promotions in the UK. Due to the fact that a huge number of gambling people live here, whose income is much higher than the average for the planet, such events bring serious profits to the gambling company.

The Isle of Man has cheap taxes on gambling and other businesses, allowing you to make profits that are unattainable in most other nations.

The license obtained on the Isle of Man provides full access to all possible types of gambling services: bets on real events, roulette, slots, scratch cards and much more. That is, what is not allowed when holding licenses in many other countries is allowed here.

Three main types of licenses

Choose a license first. There are three types of licenses: full license, sublicense and network service license.

  1. Full. Offers everything from slots to betting. It also permits sublicensing. The licensed council issues them. Sublicenses cost. Thus, a full licensee may profit from sublicensing. Sublicenses cannot be offered below a certain price.
  1. Sublicense. It offers all gaming services like a complete license. Only sublicenses are prohibited.
  1. Network Services License. For third-party audience expansion. The corporation may provide its games to other sites with a network license. Customers bring money.

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