Which is Better for Online Mobile Games:- Android Or iPhone iOS?

Mobile gaming is a massive global pastime. In 2020 an approximately $100 Billion was spent on mobile games apps. Both the App store and Google Play Store have a wide range of games and yet both will advise that you check the specs on your phone before downloading any games. The popularity of mobile gaming means that it is always a hot topic and a great debate to discuss whether it is better done on an android or an iPhone. It’s a tricky question to answer and this article will however attempt to do just that.

Which has more OS related issues?

iOS generally has more updates and while the Android operating systems provide just as much stability, the newer iPhone 13 Pro Max offers some of the best performance in terms of stability and speed, and it has the same hardware specifications or lower than the top android handsets out there at the moment. So, although the users of each would vouch for their own specific chosen operating system and platform, both Android and iPhone have had their own fair share of OS issues and thus the patches and updates.

Depends on the game’s creators and developers

Depending on whether the game developer has made the game for android or iOS specifically will affect how it functions and works on your chosen hardware. You thus need to read the fine print and ensure that the game you choose is actually made for the device that you have. A great example of games made for mobile are those found at casinoroar and these will play perfectly on your mobile as they have been made for these platforms and these screens.

Are you playing Casual or core games?

If you’re a core gamer you’re playing the games all the time and as such will need to ensure that you have the exact platform. Serious gamers don’t want any glitches or delays and as such should always have the exact specs that are required by the games that you play. As a casual gamer you may be able to chop and change and game on any platform that you have access to and as long as you get some gaming done then you’re all good.

Games for smartphones now lead the way in terms of being the top mobile applications in the world. The most popular gaming platform is indeed currently Android, but this is ever changing and will depend on the games that are being played, what’s trending and what’s not.

Finally, to answer the question as set out in the beginning, it suffices to say that the smart mobile that you choose to play your online games with will depend on you and the games that you want to play. Android and iPhone will more or less provide the exact same gaming experiences and as such will depend on how well you are able to use the specific handset or mobile device. Knowing about the phone’s functions and uses will provide better usability and make for improved gaming.

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